Cebu Pacific Sucks

My hate towards Cebu Pacific grows by the minute.

I was informed that my refund for the ticket I returned to them will be credited in four months. Yeah, FOUR freaking months! It will take four months to return my money which is only worth Php 1,200 or so (it is after Cebu Pacific deducted no-show and refund charges).

The customer service representative told me via long distance call that they receive so much ticket returns everyday that it is impossible for them to return the money of refunded tickets. I wonder why they receive so many ticket returns? Is it maybe because they suck so much?

Anyway, if you are one of the customers that got ripped off by Cebu Pacific, you can call these numbers for your refund concerns and violent reactions:

Accounting Office for Refunds – Look for Antonio Guevarra (Business Hours Only, GMT+8)
(632) 8519186
(632) 8548568

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146 Comments to “Cebu Pacific Sucks”

  • clacla May 21, 2010 at 6:35 am

    -im sure that it indicates refund fees and rebooking fees. Know what NO SHOW fees are, and how it could be avoided.
    READ your flight details.. It is not the agent’s problem if you havn’t read it., checked it.. Upon receiving your ticket, you should have doubled check and listened to the Agent while they do a RECAP!
    – focus on what’s said, and do nothing else but listen.
    – when you got the wrong flight details, Isnt that because you’re not reading or you’re giving lame excuses that YOU THOUGHT its this and that.. UNACCEPTABLE! If you would have listened, the agent could have printed a new ticket for you..

    Don’t make yourself so ignorant about dates, time (military). GOOD LUCK TO ALL..

  • Salvador May 31, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    I happened to stumble on this site regarding some complaints from passengers of Cebu Pacific. Their messages are quite long for me, i am sure their disgust with the kind of service Cebu Pacific offers / offered may have been realy unpleasant to them.


    This somehow inspired me to write my own comment for the Airline, and this is just simple. Try to book for your ticket but do not go through the payment section. What you can notice is that in the selection of the flight schedules there are columns at the far right, next to the last is for the option “with baggage” and the last column is the option “withou baggage”.

    I find this subtle. It is a known fact of practice on almost anything that we tend to select whatever is the farther right especially when opting for options in writing, and on this case by clicking. This appears to be a not very user-friendly system. Yes, we need to be very careful on selecting, but to add more carefulness is making it less user-friendly. And we tend to commit mistakes, maybe, just maybe that is where they are bringing us to.

    Notice also that in the Ad-on Section, all the extra offers are clicked by default. I am just wondering, why not make the flight “with baggage” selected as default also since we all normally to go someplace with baggages. Hmm…I know someone who made a mistake on this selection. He was surprised at the airport when he was asked for P400 per way for his baggage. He thought he clicked it right, but because, as anybody’s tendency. he clicked the farther right column which is for “without baggage”.

    This is a simple mistake, admittedly, that cost him more and that profited more for the Airline. Again, maybe, just maybe this where the system leading to, by deliberately designing their website that way.

  • Tenisse June 1, 2010 at 9:27 am

    CEBU PACIFIC is a notorious airline.

    We went to BORACAY May 2010. Flight is Mla- Caticlan , Caticlan-Mla. Going to Boracay was OK but going back HOME was a mess. We were checked -In already and waiting for the PLANE in the pre-departure area when we heard this announcement :” for flight 5J 868 , we regret to inform you that your flight will be diverted to KALIBO. We will inform you more details after 15mins”. So we waited patiently..after 15mins of waiting there was no details given abt it, we waited 30mins and they informed us to go to CEBU PAC ofc… thats it! no one assited us how to go there. We dont even know where the ofc is so we had to find it ourselves. Fr CEBU PAC ofc, we were asked to ride on a van. Aircon is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weak!! it’s f***ing hot!! But we do not have a choice so, we travelled almost 2hrs just to get to KALIBO. When we get there, there are other flights fr caticlan that were diverted to KALIBO and all of these passengers are patiently waiting just to get a flight home. Prior to us, there was a fight btween the client and the employee.wow! imagine, CEBUPAC employee fighting with their clientssssss…what a shame?? our patient is fading but we managed to hold it. So we, got tickets got the flight and finally got home. then I learned that we paid more to Caticlan Flight than Kalibo so I called their ofc here in Mla and very lucky that i talked to a VERY ARROGANT & VERY RUDE customer offcr. HE (a gay offcr) said that they will nt give a refund since we used the ticket already. Given that fact that we used the ticket already, he should have atleast talk in a good manner while explaining and not in a provocative tone. and that made me soooooo mad and soooooooo pissed off!

  • Tenisse June 1, 2010 at 9:41 am


    I was explaining at first that it is not fair that we paid more and was diverted to KALIBO and there will be no excess refund. I was not even asking for the full refund since i know thats not possible and that will be unfair also to the airline, we travelled in 3 and caticlan flight is much more expensive than kalibo…all i want is the excess refund and he goes hysterical !! what a f***!! Where can you find a very reliable officer??? Only in CEBU PACIFIC !!!!!! Well, I admit my voice is kinda high because he provoked me to turn MAD..he’s extremely arrogant!! they should re-train their employees…we were suppose to fly with PAL but no luck…its fully booked. No wonder why there are too many slots available in CEBU PAC..THEY SUCKK!!!!!

  • DIANA June 7, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    Until NOW I can’t imagine to have experienced such a lousy service in CEBU PACIFIC! Now I already believe what a lot of people are talking about! ABUSADO AND CEBU PACIFIC! Just yesterday june 6, 2010 we had a flight and honestly we admit we also have fault of not arriving 1 hour before the flight due to emergency we had, the flight was 6:35am and we arrived in front of the counter at 10 minutes before 6am , imagine THEY DONT WANT TO ISSUE BOARDING PASS. CEBU PACIFIC GRABE GUSTO LANG KAININ ANG PERA NG MGA TAO! this attendant girl name Lovely joyce C. Maullion airport service oh my God! wala silang puso we dont even have check in baggage alam nyo yun and all they can say is its procedure hindi na pwede mag check in. I said Pls. could you pls. just listen , you know its situation basis wheres your good service and hospitality, i mean staff should be open minded not just they dont care , even their manager are like that! CEBU PACIFIC I WISH YOU TO FAIL! I WISH MAHINTO DIN ANG KAYABANGAN NYO LAHAT NG STAFF AY NAGIGING MAYABANG NA. AND THE WORST PART IS WHEN THE OFFICIAL SAW US OUTSIDE THE AIRPORT, HE TOLD US O MAM I CANT BELIEVE HINDI KAYO NA KA PASOK , CONFIDENT PA KO 5 MINUTES NA PASOK KAYO.

  • BNBY June 8, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Cebu Pacific has very great service and very customer oriented staff and knowledgeable and intelligent staff…why?

    1. Pregnancy Medical Cert- When called about the details of the cert, it was confirmed and verified that the cert is valid. When we get into the plane on the day of fligth, they started to checked and found out that the cert is not valid-crazy people! So they forced to get out in the plane, why force? what a stupid and uneducated crew said they will call police and blaming us that because of us the fligth is delayed? why they didnt put some filtering before check in to prevent this thing? This is only represents lack of operation managent skills-what the hell why your providing global service if you cant give proper operate this things..I think the aviation authority-Govt need to include auditing to assist their people. Are these people knew what they are talking? They put us into situation that our money, time and enerygy wasted because of their mistake then theyre still can say those things to us…these people need some proper qualifications/attitudes/behaviors especially handling customers. They dont know what to do with this type of incidents…what so ashame that this Cebu Pacific as general is part of Filipinos that cant serve well his own countrymen! May mararating talaga ang Pinas nito!

    2. Baggage handling- the pregnant already out of the plane but her baggage still in that plane and was advised that baggage are fine there, it will include in your mother baggage when arrived at Manila. Now when it reached in Manila airport. you know what they did? they unload all our baggage and let my mother BROUGTH all their baggages to check in counter again.-where this people came from-its connecting fligth from Singapore to Manila and Manila to Bacolod! how crazy! why they didnt move the baggage to next plane settle the bills if there is using the documents they have- are these staff knew what they are doing? or just making some business on it?

    We get Cebu Pacific instead of other aircraft coz we believe that this can give better service than others, in terms of price and the service we can get but if this the way they make business-this not really good. Putting us in the sitaution like this, we paid more than with other aircraft…our money, time and energy plus the emotion/experienced wasted are more than enough that we can get from other aircraft. Too bad!!!

  • BNBY June 8, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    hiring a stupid fligth crew ruin the business ” you wanna go down or I will call the police” what a nice words coming out from stupid old uneducated crew of that fligth. Where you can find the crew base the medical certificate on issue date and not on the doctor stated until when to travel the expectant mother..what a logic.Infact its clearly stated in the Cebu Pacific stated that…

    I assume that this old stupid,uneducated crew ordered to unload the baggage at Manila terminal instead it will unload to Silay Airport.

    I think guys its time to put some protest on this aircraft to teach some lessons..Lets make some noise to reach the upper management of Cebu Pacific..their doings provides bad management and hope it wont result of unsafe journey someday…remember big things start from small things.

  • Petra June 24, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Can anybody give me an e-mail address from f@&^%$ng Cebu Pacific?
    Send it to petra.elie@gmail.com
    Thank you so much!

  • chyrica September 2, 2010 at 5:03 am

    I hate Cebu Pacific with a passion! I have been waiting my refund for 5 freaking months, and until now, I didn’t see any credit on my credit card statement. I gave them proof (medical certificate) why I had to cancel the flight for my niece who was sick that time. They really suck big time! If you go to their ticketing office, you will just wait your time, their customer service is so frustrating and disappointing to talk to. It’s not a lot of money but the question is, how many people have complained and asked for a refund and never got their money back? This is THIEF!

  • chyrica September 2, 2010 at 5:07 am

    If you go to their ticketing office, you are just wasting your time, their customer service is so frustrating and disappointing to talk to. It’s not a lot of money but the question is, how many people have complained and asked for a refund and never got their money back? This is THIEF!

  • Anne October 4, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    I think everyone has the freedom to speak out what they wanted to say. And this is my share.
    I know madaming nabwibwisit sa service ng Cebu pacific but to blame everyone from the company is really the part sa tingin ko eh hindi maganda. I am a frequent flyer and experienced a lot from different agents, phone and ticket office. Meron talagang mga atribida, suplada na akala mo kung sino eh kala mo naman ke-laki ng sweldo pero meron din namang iba na super ang customer service at hanggat matapos mo ang reason mo of calling them ay nandun palagi to give assistance. It is so annoying lang most of their cabin crews (kung sino pa yung di naman kagandahan) who are acting like they’re so HIGH. Hello! When I was still in the Philippines, alam ko na how much you’re earning. But this is just for those feeling magaganda. I encountered pretty crews na full package, maganda na and have better customer service pa. That what’s 5j should hire.

    I agree na to provide the best customer service, you should start it from the hiring. Hring process should be changed, or better yet, those people assigned to hire these people should change 

    I think it was last 2008, when my friend asked me to accompany her to cebu pacific for an interview. So as a good friend, I went there with her. The recruitment office is very very small. They advertised a lot of vacancy but they’re not prepared on the location, o talagang wala silang balak maghanda. That’s 9am and I waited outside, sa isang square I think na medyo malapit ako naghintay. She’s texting every now and then. For me it’s fine, my job is to wait no matter how long,so for me it’s not an issue. The issue is, my friend spoke to one of the cabin crew applicant, and asked what are the requirements to apply. That’s the first time I heard about it. mababa lang pala qualifications nila. Highschool grad is ok, basta makinis? Complete set of teeth? Tall? Slim? No blemishes? Even a spot? In short perfect outside. So how about the inside? Front sila but as a customer, I need more of the inside. So madami palang pwede mag-apply jan. sa school ko kase madaming hindi naman kagalingan pero maganda but the attitude is going down 
    I am now in the middle east and found out the huge difference ng hiring sa pinas and here. Dito? Basta you have a good customer service, syempre yung ganda is there but their ultimate consideration is not the perfect outside.

    to be continued……………….

  • rinean chang October 26, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    sobra talga ang cebu pacific na yan sobrang kumain ng pera,sana matugunan nga mataas ang policy nu na di makatao,sobrang mahal ng ticket at grabbe pang maka doble ng bayad isipin mo na nalate kalang ng 35 minutes nagparebook na agd ulit panu kung walang dalang pera ang asahero panu yun uuwi nalang at panu kung malayo pa ang pinnagalingan,naexperienced ko yan khapon at sobra ako na sterssd,i hope piliin nu nalang ang ibang airlines kesa sa kainla at one ore is sobrang pahirap sa mga passengers grabe hassles mabuti pa ang pal wala talagang makaktalo sa official na paliparan natin

  • e oshima February 25, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    CEBU PACIFIC- BUMPED OFF AN OVERBOOKED FLIGHT WITHOUT COMPENSATION- On the Manila-Cebu flight, we arrived at the check in line over 1 hour prior to the flight schedule. After 45 minutes in a line that moved only about 5 passengers, our flight was called up and about 9 of us were instructed to line up in front of another counter. The person there got up and never came back…. Then we were advised by an officious ground staff that we could not board because we were late! At that point I lost my temper and went behind the counter. I PHOTOGRAPHED the IDs of the staff and complained in an extremely loud voice. This finally drew the attention of a manager who was able to get 6 of us on the flight. The others were rebooked. WE ARE CONVINCED THAT ONLY BECAUSE WE COMPLAINED LOUDLY AND PHOTOGRAPHED THE IDS OF THE EMPLOYEES IN QUESTION WERE WE ABLE TO BOARD THE PLANE AND FORCE THE GROUND STAFF NOT TO SIMPLY BUMP US OFF WITHOUT COMPENSATION. WHICH HAPPENED TO US THE PREVIOUS DAY! The lesson is, if you have to fly this airline, and you get in a situation with the ground staff, 1. DONT WAIT UNTIL ITS TOO LATE! 2. TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THEIR IDS! 3. COMPLAIN LOUDLY AND DO NOT HESITATE TO STEP BEHIND THE COUNTER – otherwise, they will just try to pass you from person to person and then allege its all your fault, forcing you to purchase another ticket. Which is what happened to us the previous day. Collecting your money back from this airline is not worth the effort; their system is designed to make it nearly impossible for those who are gainfully employed. Your best option is to let the ground staff understand that you have their IDs and PROOF and are willing to create a disturbance. Once you are in the hands of the CP bureaucracy you will go in circles forever!

  • Ben Hoodwinked March 20, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Well now there are no longer refunds at CEBU PACIFIC but now they will give you a 90 window to use the credit from your unused ticked. Of course after they have whittled it down from all the bogus fees they charge to cancel. Oh, and here’s the kicker, the ticket I canceled was for a minor child and only that child whose name is on the ticket can rebook another flight. Look, I was the one who gave the credit card to purchase the ticket, not the minor. This whole thing stinks and I will never see my $250 ever again. I would rather do business with the mobb than with CP. At lease the Mobb has ethics. Never again will I use this butt wipe airline.

  • jun o March 25, 2011 at 12:01 am

    Another bad experience with Cpac. The check in is so slow, you just wait and wait until your time is up. The only way you can get checked in is to COMPLAIN to the SUPERVISOR EARLY.

    Today there was a guy who waited patiently in the wrong line, when he went up they made him line up again. Why didnt they tell him earlier? He was right in front of them!. He was shouting and shouting, so what did they do? THEY CALLED SECURITY. Such unbelievable rudeness and arrogance- the way they treated him.





  • mhyrian gameng May 17, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    Cebu Pac is the worst!!! I booked my cousin (who is only around 10y/o) last March. Paid 3090 for it through Bancnet online. The following day, when i still have not received feedback from them, i called their office and that’s when i learned that the booking i made was not confirmed. What happened was i had to rebook my cousin for the same flight for more than 4k. About my refund, after 1 and a half months, cebupac finally replied and said that my money is for outright refund and that guest should just bring 2 valid IDs. so, went to the organic ticket office in Robinson’s Place Manila to claim my money,presented the email i received from cebupacteam as well as the screenshot of my account that was debited, but i was told i am not authorized to do so! imagine that! you waited almost 2 months for their reply (plus 4hours that day due to the very long que) and their reply is that i can’t get my money back because there’s no authorization! what’s the logic!?!?! ‘told them i was able to book and pay for the child without authorization and now that i’m getting MY money back, they’re now asking for authorization! MYGOSH!!! Plus, the girls who “assisted” (if that’s what they call it) me, were very bitchy and couldn’t even reply to me in a proper manner! The other gir’ls name is Angel. I was on the line from around 2pm until quarter to 7. called their office when i got home and i was told the same thing. told them that the child i book is actually from davao, so told her you mean i have to have them sent their IDs and authorization here and then send back their IDs after? really stupid for cebu pac to ask someone to do this! told them they should just return my money by transferring it back to my account, but they said it can’t be done! my goodness!!! this airline has no consideration or whatsoever!!! it was my money and yet they are giving me a hard time getting it back! i swear i am not going to book anyone with them anymore.

    another thing, i had to book my child (11y/o) with them because my daughter will be travelling alone and unfortunately, she’s more familiar with cebupac so i really had to book her with them. paid for the 500 peso Unaccompanied Minor fee because I thought SOMEONE from them will be assisting my child, unfortunately, they let her carry her backpack all by herself and her guitar and no one even bothered to assist her and give her a cart so she wouldn’t have to carry her bag all the way! so can you imagine your child going through the same thing?!?!?! of course not!!!

    so you guys should not really book anyone here!!! i swear i’ll go to other blogs where i could post this one again and again and again!

  • TACE July 9, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    It’s amazing to see all the people who had a bad time with CEBU. I’m glad there is a place for them to speak their mind. Thanks.

  • Cebupacsucks July 11, 2011 at 11:59 am

    I purchased a Cebupac ticket for my boss flight on June 27, 2010 using Bancnet online option thru ATM payment, the ATM machine successfully debited the amount from my saving account and issued a receipt hereof. I waited for the confirmation email but to no avail. The very next day, I hurriedly called the customer service of Cebupac and relayed my problem only to discover that no payment has been made and the booking was cancelled by their system (by 12midnight due to non payment on time) but I told the customer service that the payment was done and a receipt was printed. She has nothing to say but sorry and there can be no other way to confirm such payment as it is bank to bank transaction (meaning Bancnet to Cebupac payment center). My boss called me for his ticket for his tomorrow’s flight but I can’t tell him the problem and told him that I am at the ticketing office to get his tomorrow’s ticket. I was advised by the counter to purchase new ticket as there is no other way that it can be verified with their bank that time and the scheduled flight will be tomorrow morning. She also told me that any payment that any payment done will be refunded/returned bank to bank. So I purchased a new and more expensive ticket.

    Sadly, it’s been a year now and yet I have not received information of any refund from the bank or Cebu Pacific! I already filed complaint at my bank’s account last week and they directly followup the said refund. My bank called me just now to directly go to Cebu Pacific as advised from the airline’s customer service. Sana this time, makuha ko na ang kakarampot na 2,800 pesos na galing pa sa sweldo ko na matagal ko ng hinihintay! Sarap umbagin ng Cebupac!

  • jeff July 22, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    I agree. My first experience with the Philippines is the nonexistent customer service for Cebu Pacific. Flying is Asia is generally easy, so I thought a 2 weeks side trip to the PI would be fun. After booking online and watching, and paying for, a spawn of tickets… r/t from Bangkok on a “sale”promotion has cost more than $500 US… I got to the airport and couldn’t board because “you can only have 1 ticket, sir”. Well, call manila and straighten it out. “Cannot call Manila, sir”. WTF? The “customer service” agent can’t call the airlines? OK, send them a message from your terminal. “Cannot sir.” well, cancel one of my tickets and I’ll board with the other. “Cannot sir. you booked online, must cancel online” Well , let me use a computer. “Cannot sir” where can I find a computer? “not know sir”. I prefer rude and competent to polite and useless.
    An international airline is my first experience with your country, and Cebu has turned me off the Philippines. I’ll call it dead loss and recognize this is why the PI is still mired in poverty while her peer nations in 1960 are rich and PI poorer than then.

  • Cess September 11, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    I had a flight on September 9 from Coron (Busuanga), Palawan to Manila. This was our return flight after a three-day vacation in the islands. The flight was scheduled to take off 2:10PM. It was past 2:10PM when they announced that the flight was delayed to 2:40PM. At around 3:15PM, exactly while a plane from a different carrier was landing in front of the terminal, they announced that the flight was cancelled due to “bad weather” in Coron. The terminal was quite small, and because of the noise from the landing plane, not everyone heard the announcement. Everyone who had heard rushed to the counter. The Cebu Pacific people were as unhelpful as they could be. No, there would not be another plane coming in on the same day. No, they would not refund anyone’s tickets. No, they would not be paying for anyone’s accommodations, food or transportation for the extra night’s stay because the cancellation was due to bad weather. Bad weather??! Another plane of the same size landed right in front of us exactly while they were claiming bad weather! In the end, some passengers transferred to another airline and paid for the added expense on their own, because they had connecting flights to catch that Cebu Pacific would not pay for if they missed. We stayed another night in Coron because we didn’t have any connecting flights, and we paid for the expense on our own as well. The next day, our re-booked flight was at 10:10AM. This turned to 10:40AM, then was moved to 1:50PM, but the announcement was made 11AM already. Then the 1:50PM flight was further delayed to 2:05PM, and finally, cancelled again (but the announcement for this was made at around 3:00PM already). When the harrassed passengers stormed the counter (turns out Cebu Pacific cancelled 2 flights in all), the Cebu Pacific representatives treated people quite badly. One passenger was even yelled at. As for us, no one would attend to us even if we were already in front of the counter. All the Cebu Pacific people just disappeared and ignored the passengers. Mainly, what they told us was that they would not allow refunds or airline transfers. All they would offer was the extra night’s accommodations and transfers to and from the airport, and this was only because they had to concede that the weather wasn’t the reason this time, what with the two Air Philippines planes, one Zest Air plane and three chartered planes that landed and took off with no problem. For those who would miss their connecting flights on different airlines, they would not compensate for anything. For those who wanted to transfer airlines, they would not cover for the expense. They would not accept refunds. They were unapologetic, rude and unhelpful. One passenger had reached the end of his patience with the treatment, and in his frustration, snapped and tried to storm the counter. Instead of trying to calm him down, they yelled at him and threatened to have him removed from the airport. Some foreign passengers had no more money and were trying to borrow from locals in order to reach Manila in time for their connecting flights, as the other airlines which were still accommodating last-minute passengers in their flight could only accept cash payment. One couple had to split up so that at least one of them could make their connecting flight home. They used all the last of their money and had to borrow just to pay for a ticket on the other airline. Another couple was on their honeymoon, who I’m sure had had a great time in Palawan until they met with Cebu Pacific’s incompetence. We were lucky enough to know someone who could lend us the money at the last minute, as we also lacked the on-hand cash. Thus, we were able to reach Manila on that day. No thanks to Cebu Pacific. This is the worst airline EVER. I’m writing this not only on my behalf, but also on behalf of those other passengers who were left behind to deal with the unresponsive Cebu Pacific staff. After this harrowing experience, I think I can say for certain that none of the passengers will fly again with this airline. I sure won’t.

  • Joey October 7, 2011 at 9:45 am

    Service problems at Cebu Pacific???? think about this: The overpass is right in front of their office but their employees choose to cross under it and tried to dodge off incoming vehicles!!! and it happens every day!!! SAFETY FIRST is not in their vocabulary so why treat their passengers with safety in mind???? Just curious……

  • Charlie November 17, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    from all these negative comments and based from my own experience with cebu pacific, one word that best describes them….

  • Edz November 23, 2011 at 11:04 am

    i had many bad experiences with cebu pacific: delayed flights, cancelled flights without replacement or refunds, poor customer services, and refunds that would take forever.

    now, i was really pissed off when i bought another ticket online. its been a long time since i visited their website, and i did not notice they change the settings for seat selection. it was auto selected and you will pay 200php, you have the option to unselect the seat and not pay but i did not notice this. i was in a hurry to purchase the tiket because of the promo fare and busy network. i thought it was the same as before. i was disappointed when i saw the total fare, it was doubled. there are so many hidden charges like seat selections / baggage allowances/ insurance, surcharges (fuel charges, web fee and airport security fee)

    i will never ever purchase tikets from cebu pacific again….grrrrrr

  • Kristin January 13, 2012 at 10:54 am

    for all of you who had suffered bad treatment from the airline, I implore you to leave your message on Cebu Pacific facebook so that a bigger audience can see and understands what they are getting themselves into….the internet is a very powerful tool so let’s use it, and the airline needs to understand consumer sentiments about them and if the demand for their services drop they will have to shape up or ship out.

  • Tom S February 1, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Title: Cebu Pacific Has Thieves Working For Them, Travel At Your Own Risk!!!

    On Dec 30, 2011, my family flew on Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 915 from Manila to Caticlan to go to Boracay for New Years. My wife and I were seated in Row number 1 directly behind the cock pit. Due to events on the flight, we accidently left a digital camera sitting in our seats when we exited the aircraft. All individuals on the flight exited at the rear of the plane ahead of us. We were THE LAST PASSENGERS to get off. The only individuals left on board the flight were the pilots, flight attendants and cleaning crew.

    We noticed that our camera was missing almost immediately after while getting our bags. We spoke with the Caticlan airport Cebu Pacific representative. He attempted to talk to the plane staff but said that the plane was preparing for departure and nothing could be done. However, he would forward our information to the manila office for follow up.

    Over the next few days in Boracay, we had several phone calls from the Caticlan Cebu Pacific rep only to say there was no new information. Our case was still being investigated.

    We returned to Manila on January 4, 2012. We filed a notice with the office Cebu Pacific office on arrival in terminal 2 and spoke to a manager. He said that the matter would be investigated. We never received one phone call or one email from Cebu Pacific in the month that followed the filing of this report.

    I believe our camera was stolen by the flight staff. No one else was on board following our departure. The camera was on a seat in view of the staff. Cebu Pacific management saw and heard our notices of the loss/ theft but took zero actions. They never communicated with us. They do not seem to care that their employees will steal from their passengers. When you travel domestically in the Philippines you have many options; Philippine Airlines, Zest Air, Air Phil Express, Seair and others. No other airlines personnel have ever stolen from me. I have taken Philippine Airlines more times than I can count. Take any other air carrier instead of Cebu Pacific. Only take Cebu Pacific if it is absolutely necessary. If you must take Cebu Pacific, make sure all bags are locked and you can maintain control/ possession/ visual of your valuables at all times. Cebu Pacific staff will steal from you and the management does not care that they do it. A cheaper plane ticket with Cebu Pacific will cost you more when your valuables are stolen.

    I will retract this statement if Cebu Pacific contacts me and compensates my family for our loss. However, I really doubt at this point that Cebu Pacific could even find our filed complaint.

  • leather ipad case February 13, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    If something goes wrong, delayed flights, canceled flights, etc., they have the worst customer service ever. I am a frequent traveler, I should know better than patronizing their sincere apologies every month. Everybody is always sorry: from the terminal crew, to shuttle crew, to flight attendants, and even the pilots say sorry. The day I arrived at manila there came the other usual surprise : the disaster of their checking-in : although their are more yellow shirts as at Any airline at the check-i counter they have an absolute world-record in waiting .. and chaotic handling.

  • waka March 8, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    i was totally amazed the service of CEBU PACIFIC airline you’re truly the best…first time i tried the online booking,manila to caticlan …i paid it asap through banking payment like BDO .after the transaction i made …ill just have had to wait 24 hrs for me to confirm my tickets that i reserve…after the day when i open my email it was already CONFIRMED!how i really surprised with in 24 hrs my ticket was confirmed…the easy and the fastest transaction i ever had made…i also tried phone-to-phone booking but the disadvantage was i’ll get the confirmation 2 weeks before it confirmed…but its okay .sometimes we need to be patience every circumstances..

  • Werner March 12, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    You better make sure when you book online a promo that everything is 100%, because once they got the money from your Credit Card there is no Customer Service. I have booked a trip and put the wrong destination in (my mistake) also there is a misspelling of a name. No change possible, not even the Name. The system asked for the Passport number and expire date, but they are not on the itinerary. Would be much easier for customs in case of a misspelling. You are just dealing with the online system which will not accept any mistake. Now I can’t fly and don’t get the 9,500 refunded. CEBU PACIFIC sucks big time.

  • elio March 15, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    i just booked my return flight march 18 2012 and then i double checked it to make it sure!, then when i got the itenarary reciept the date changed to march 19. then less5 min. i called thier hotline and they want to charged me of changing date/booking fee about 2,400 pesos that it wasnt my fault, thier system online WEBISTE sucks. CEBU FUCKCIFIC EVERYONE LIES!

  • jenny March 17, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    I used to patronize cebu pacific because of its cheap airfare but not anymore. Last month, I booked a 2-way flight from Manila to Beijing and it cost me 32,000++. Due to a misunderstanding between me and the tour agency in China I decided to cancel my booking 3 days prior to the supposed travel date. Guess what? This airline from hell REFUSED to give me a refund. It took a handsome sum of more than 7,000 as “penalties and charges” until what was left was only 25,000++. To make matters worse, this amount could not be paid back to my credit card. It would be stored as a travel fund which is only valid within 90 days! Another thing, this 90-day period started from the travel date which I cancelled. Imagine, from 32,000 all this airline can return (as a travel fund) is only 25,000 and I could not even choose when the 90-day validity period should start. It is my money. It is my fund but I DO NOT have an option when to use it. It’s bullshit!

    I am working abroad and I only had 3weeks left when I found out about this f***ing cancellation policy. It would be impossible for me to consume this amount. I couldn’t keep on traveling just to make use of the fund. The only option I had was to let somebody use it. I was surprised that the “name transfer” costs 1,300 for each passenger who would use my fund. That is if it’s domestic flight. For international, 3,000++ had been charged plus the actual ticket cost.

    I really think we should bring our issues to Civil Aviation Authority. Cebu Pacific will continue its crime against customers unless we do something about it.

    I had used many airlines before but I never encountered problems such as this.

  • edisson tolliver March 18, 2012 at 12:12 am

    i have to say cebupacific flights are overbooked, if your vigilant enough then you’ll notice it. imagine four flights in 30minute interval? then you will receive a notice, change schedule with no other option but to accept or pay more we need money. getting refunds are just like piso fare, they earn interest.

  • Singapore Jobs March 19, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Thinking about going to the Phillippines. Thanks for sharing this, I’d rather choose a different airline.

  • Sweet April 30, 2012 at 5:01 am

    Cebu Pacific sucks!!
    Shame on you!!

  • Darya May 8, 2012 at 9:25 am

    I also have some problems with Cebu Pacific.

    1. No Refund. I booked a flight for my mom from Dipolog to General Santos City but she had to cancel it 3 days prior to the scheduled flight. They DID NOT refund me. They put it in the Travel Fund which I wasn’t able to use. So its like I just gave them some money.

    2. Online Booking (Credit Card). They DON’T accept some credit cards like Maestro (What the heck is online booking for?!). My fiance was in Germany and he cant use his credit card. He had to wire some money to me thru Western Union so I could book his flight and pay his plane ticket thru LBC. When he was here in the Philippines, we also tried his credit card for Davao – Manila flights. Still the same thing! We had to go to Robinson’s to pay the flights over the counter! How inconvenient is that!

    3. Delayed flights. I don’t need to say further cos they are most of the time delayed!

    I hope one of the senators would come up with a house bill regarding these aviation. There are so many Cebu Pacific problems lately. It’s increasing day by day! I feel bad for me and the other passengers who don’t have a choice but fly with Cebu Pacific because it’s cheap. If you are a cheap airlines then it doesn’t mean that you will not take care of your passengers anymore. That is just bad business.

    Now I see on TV news that Cebu Pacific flights have been cancelled, delayed and some have lost their luggages or it was delayed… I’m worried about that cos I have a flight for Hong Kong this Saturday May 12th. I wonder where I can check cancelled flights for the day. Anyone?

  • DX May 8, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    This is Dexter Lim, We rode Cebu pacific flight from guangzhou to manila
    and in this flight we paid (Php400.-) a premium seating seat for myself and my wife,
    no. 14 E & D, but upon seating we found ourselves not in an premium seating,
    So we ask the stewardess, why is that, he inform us that they change into a smaller
    plane at the last minute, so that is why the seats are not, where we are suppose to be,
    and that we are stuck on the smaller leg room seat, due to it.

    Since this flight is going, we inform them that we will just ask for the refund upon landing in Manila, which they agreed.

    Upon calling the cebu pacific hotlines, my wife, asked for the refund, she was given a run-around, and is not being given a refund credit, which is just the logical thing to do since the service was not rendered and instead is being reverse into she’s at fault at this situation !

    We ask for a supervisor or a manager who could decide on this matter in a fairly simple and straight problem without giving us a run-around, what we are asking is a fair and just matter, we want a credit for what is due!
    nothing more and nothing less ! we want the amount (Php 400.) credited in our name for the service that was not given to us, and we could use this credit in the future flights.

    but to no avail

  • john navarro May 9, 2012 at 3:16 am


  • irishlee June 11, 2012 at 10:34 am

    just yesterday..my sister wasn’t able to check-in from CDO airport..she is going to Thailand.The counter said..Your ticket wasn’t paid.Yo need to pay 9000 Pesos now so that you can proceed..What ? I paid 9200 baht here in Thailand for her ticket..so sad and angry…..Cebu Pacific..ano bayan?..mga agent ninyo man loloko….

  • Gre June 15, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    I just lost USD500.00 last week.. So easy for Cebu PAcific to point fingers and wash their hands.. We take the risk when we have check0in bags…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Thomas J.Holmes June 18, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Just to make it short: Anywere outside of ASIA,and most likely ONLY in the Philippins were there is/are obviously NO laws,otherwise CEBU PACIFIC would be SUED for a Billion Dollars or so…only here in the Philippines they get away with their way of doing buisness!!! Basically their buisness strategie is simple: Fill the plane,sell as many tickets as possible and then WHO CARES if the plane is LATE/ DEPARTS or ever leaves the airport!! The people THINK they can NOT DO ANYTHING…well think again PEOPLE, YOU are the ones paying their SALARYS,so just DO NOT FLY CEBU Pacific again,if you have a choice!! Most of the time you DO!! NO Customers…NO more Cebu Pacific! Until then…CEBU Pacific is a DISGRACE to the Airline Community in the world!!! Thanks!

  • aerwyna June 26, 2012 at 11:37 am

    I hate cebu pacific.. my husband stuck in manila becos of the bitch cebu pacific always delayed and they’re not attentive with their work like the luggage goes to another place instead to manila. everything was become messed. His flight to holland was cancelled and he need to pay the ticket again so he can leave in phils.. Cebu Pacific is such a big mess in our community!! Very irritated!!

  • Pissed off client August 20, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Cebu Pacific airlines need to have their staff behave in a more professional manner when speaking to paying guest. I was treated in an extremely rude manner by a flight attendant on my recent flight from Manila to Beijing. If flight attendants feel strongly about something, they need to learn to control their emotions and not make minor discussions into opportunities to insult CEB guests.

  • wasder September 6, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    here’s how you contact them:

    For institutional investor and analyst queries, please contact:

    Trina E. Asuncion
    Director, Corporate Finance and Investor Relations

  • flo vuo October 4, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    cebu pacific is indeed de worst airline i have ever taken,they refused to give me my passport when i was refused entry to korea,they carried me from busan to cebu instead of manilla,where i was refused entry even though i exited from that country,i was forced to buy a ticket to singapore and an onward out of singapore before they will board me on their flight which i did,they still refused to give me my passport though de immigration law says a passenger can have his passport back when he is out of the country of exclusions airpspace,they carried my passport to singapore immigration which obviously did not allow me to enter even though i had previously entered and stayed there for some days b4 exiting,they returned me to manila where my bag can not be found and they are requesting i buy a ticket back to my country even though i have a visa to thailand,and they still insist they will only give me my passport when i arrive in my country even if i go through thailand they will still have to carry my passport to the immigration ,this is a fucked up airline,i wish i could do something bad to them

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