3ix is Not A Cheap Hosting Provider

Remember my post about transferring my site to 3ix? It was the biggest mistake I ever made with respect to my blog. I remember bragging to my blogger friends how they provide chat support and how cheap their services are. But now I take back all those things I have bragged about because with 3ix, you get what you paid for – cheap hosting.

This post is going to be long so please bear with me as I try to vent out my frustrations here in my blog. I hope someone will learn from my experience. If you decide you don’t want to read all the bru-haha, then you can skip and proceed here.

I have been a subscriber of 3ix for over six months before I transferred to 3ix hosting, which worked pretty much well. I decided that free hosting no longer works for my blog so I ordered an upgrade of my account amounting to $28.10. It was OK at first. I mean I can’t transfer my database to their MySQL server but the support was kind enough to upload the dump file for me. Then hell started to break loose.

One time, I thought that my account was compromised because my homepage shows the WordPress installation page. So I asked them to check what is wrong with my account. The very kind technical support didn’t know what to do and asked me if I have backup of my database, which I did from 3 days before. So the support dumped again the file after two hours of debate why he can’t import a dump file in tar.gz and zip format. I lost some post and comments because of this but I thought, you know sh*t happens, so I guess its OK.

Then I put in SiteUptime checker to see how many times my blog went down every day. I see reports that my has become inaccessible quite a few times because I received alerts through email but I thought that it is not so bad. Maybe it was all just false positives.

Then again, the database went missing. I checked phpMyAdmin and my WP database shows no tables. So I opened a chat again with their support and this time, I asked them to change the permission of the database because it was I think that is wrong. So they did and they fixed the problem.

Then it happened again and again and again until I lost count. Finally, my patience with their antics run dry when they suspended my account because of reasons unfamiliar to me. I opened a chat and asked them why my account was suspended. Their answer was because my site is “causing high server load”.

Having limited access to my account, I asked the support what is the reason why my account was suspended. The answer I got was “check your logs”. Being a good girl that I am, tried to download the logs only to find out that the archived logs are in .exe file. I asked the support where can I get my logs, I was pointed at my CPANEL account which is what I did. When I asked the support that I can’t see the logs because it was in .exe format, he just said “never mind”. Continuing with the isolation process, he asked me if I have scripts and cron jobs. I said that I definitely don’t have a cron job and scripts running, aside from those that are included in my wordpress installation and asked the support to give me what cron job he is seeing so I can check it. I didn’t get an answer to that. What I got was the mysterious cron job was removed and the site should be fine. It never happened.

The following three days that my account was suspended without any technical reason except “site is causing high server load”, I was in hell. I can’t sleep and very frustrated with the way they handled my case. All I get from them are these lines:

- Your account is suspended for 24 hours because of high server load.
- Check your logs.
- Do you have cron job running?
- Do you have scripts running?
- (insert ps command here)
- Your account will be activated in (n) hours. You will have to wait.

I was given so much BS I was so furious. Every time I ask too many questions about my account or my site, the chat gets disconnected. Deciding I can no longer take their technical incapabilities, I requested for refund of the amount I purchased for the upgrade and rollback the account to its original package. I stated that my upgrade was bought less than 30 days ago so it should be covered by the 30 days money back guarantee. I reported this and got denied stating that they cannot issue refund but they will add the credits to my existing package. I did the math and the credits are equivalent to more than two years worth of hosting, two years of the same sh*t.

I am still appealing to them that their Terms of Agreement stipulates that ALL PAYMENTS are refundable if dispute is filed within 30 days. There was nowhere stated in their TOA that only newly created accounts are covered by the 30 days guarantee. I even asked the support from Billing Department where in their site can I find the statement that only newly opened accounts are covered by 30-days guarantee and I got this:

LiveChat2: Please read our money back guarantee terms and conditions
LiveChat2: also if there is some technical issue you can let me know and I will ask a tech to check
LiveChat2: but refund again its not possible
rai: I have asked you tech over and over and over again
rai: Refunds and Disputes All payments to 3iX are non refundable (unless covered by 30-day Money Back Guarantee). This includes any setup fees and monthly fees regardless of usage. All billing disputes must be reported within 30 days of the time the dispute occurred. Disputed charges to your credit card issuer, also known as charge backs, in 3iX’s discretion which is valid, under the terms and conditions of our SLA, AUP, and TOS, will result in service interruption, and reconnection fees to restore the desired service. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee All hosting plans come with a 30 day money guarantee. If for whatever reason we fail to satisfy your needs and are within 30 days we will fully refund your money all we ask is you give us a reason so this will help us improve as a company, we will not deduct ANY fee.
rai: All payments to 3iX are non refundable (unless covered by 30-day Money Back Guarantee). This includes any setup fees and monthly fees regardless of usage.
LiveChat2: correct so when did you first signup with us
LiveChat2: calculate from that day 30 days and let me know when the 30 days ended
rai: not november
LiveChat2: Do you understand when it says 30 day money back guranteed ?
rai: I am not asking to refund the initial $12
rai: I am asking you to refund what I paid for the upgrade
rai: $28.10
rai: which is why I asked for downgrade
rai: show where it says that payment for upgrades are not covered by the guarantee
rai: When you say all payments, it includes the upgrade
rai: the invoice was issued april 6
rai: that is the refund I want to get
LiveChat2: You get refunds only if the hosting account is in 30 day money back guarantee and not otherwise
LiveChat2: Please get it clear for yourself
LiveChat2: else every client would be upgrading and downgrading
rai: the upgrade is considered a different purchase
rai: because the first was just a $12 purchase
rai: I asked if i need to buy another package
rai: and your smart salesperson said i can get my account upgraded
LiveChat2: no upgrade is of an existing plan not of a different domain
LiveChat2: so its not a different purchase
rai: who also told me that 20 days is still applicable
rai: 30*
LiveChat2: no upgrade is of an existing plan not of a different domain , so its not a different purchase
rai: these problems occured when I upgraded my account
rai: I was quiet during the time prior to the upgrade
rai: you guys are unbelievable
rai: can you give me where it says that upgrades are not covered by the refund?
rai: because as I understand, when you say all payments, it means all payments made within 30 days are refundable
LiveChat2: Do you understand when it says 30 day money back gurantee ?
rai: if this is what you can give to your clients, then I am very disappointed with you
LiveChat2: neways I have made everything clear , you can come back on chat if you lead to a conclusion
LiveChat2: you will not be refunded for the upgrade
rai: can you give me what you 30 days guarantee stipulates?
LiveChat2: 30 days guarantee — any newly setup hosting account will be refunded if its in 30 days
rai: where is the link?
LiveChat2: you need to refer the money back guarantee page
rai: it doesnt say newly setup hosting ascounts
rai: accoutns*
rai: it says all payments
rai: please dont lie
LiveChat2: neways I have made everything clear , you can come back on chat if you lead to a conclusion , you will not be refunded for the upgrade

(Can you tell that I am really frustrated and mad?)

Oh yes, my dear readers. When you upgrade your account sometime after the 30 days, they will not give refund regardless if you are satisfied or not.

  • You will not be covered in any way as a consumer to protect your rights to receive the service you paid for.
  • You will be stuck with them until your account expires.
  • You will not receive proper technical support or they will not try to resolve your issue if it is beyond removing cron jobs and scripts and giving you the ‘ps’ result.
  • This is not about me being a brat for not getting what I want. I believe deserve to get what was promised and equivalent to what I paid for as a paying customer. I am in the position to complain for the poor service they are giving me and I tried so very hard to work with them to resolve the issue of my account despite of being disconnected from chat over and over again.

    If they cannot isolate the case, then it is only a matter of time before they decide to suspend my account again for the same reason and without giving technical justification.

    All in all, when I subscribed to, I was in no way treated as a customer. I did not received proper technical support, I was refused to get my money back and the worst, they NEVER, EVER apologized to me for the inconvenience they have caused. They never did the very basic rule of customer service, to empathize with the customer. I was treated like an ignorant customer, who knows nothing how the Internet or a computer works. Did I mentioned I lost money from ads and sponsorships in the process?

    It seems that the $1 per month price is what I got from them. I got what I paid for and nothing more. They have my money so it does not matter to them whether I get the service that I should get or not.

    And here is my message to

    You know I tried every time I talk to your support team that I want to resolve the issue “why is my site causing high server load”. Instead, you disconnected the chat and told me to check the logs, cron and scripts over and over again, which you, as my provider, cannot or will not give any further details. I do not want to resort to asking for refund because I will not be upgrading my account if I am satisfied with your service. I even spread the word to my friends and colleagues that you are one great hosting until I was refused to be given proper support. As of this writing and three days of an unattended open ticket, still looks like this:

    With all these obvious reasons that I am not satisfied, I was refused to be given a refund but instead, the only option presented is to use the amount I paid for to extend the credits of my original package. You have given me a choice that only works for you, not for both parties. I am very disappointed with you.

    Lesson learned: If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

    To those who made it this far, I thank you for reading my story. I hope there are lessons learned from my experience. You are welcome to make comments.

    Update (May 07 10:54 AM):

    My IP at home was blocked from accessing my site including cpanel and ftp. I asked the support why my IP was blocked and the logical explanation the support gave was that there were login attempts from my IP (duh! of course there will be login attempts from my IP!). When I asked how many times should I attempt to login before the server blocks my ip and he said 3. Just to prove what he said, I tried to continuously login in my account with series of wrong passwords in ftp and cpanel and I still got in. How do you explain that?

    Update (May 07 9:45 PM):

    I transferred my hosting to and so far, I have not encountered any problems at all. 1and1 provides tons of help pages to guide customers in building their own sites. When I transferred my database, it only took less than 2 minutes to import my WP databases (the way it should be), compared to 3ix where I can’t import my database at all (I have to ask the support to do it for me). I will write my own review of sometime within the month because it is too early to tell.

    Update (May 08 1:34 PM):

    PinoyTux finally and formally hosted by and I am pleased so far. Not having to ask the support for any help is a good sign, at least for now it looks like I am actually getting what I paid for. And yes, the support ticket in 3ix is still open and last update I got was the “technicians are looking into it”.

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    69 Comments to “3ix is Not A Cheap Hosting Provider”

    • Bee August 27, 2009 at 1:09 am

      Thank you, I was looking for a webhost to put my portfolio on and was ready to go with 3ix when I decided to find some reviews and came across this. Between your post, especially how rude their live service person was to you, and all the subsequent replies with problems I have decided to avoid them.

      Thank you again!

    • zambrean September 18, 2009 at 10:26 am

      well.. 2 days ago when i was try to enter in my site i was see this:

      Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server. And
      oher words more.. Something about apache.. i don`t remember what…
      port 80.. etc..

      I was go and connect my self on 3ix chat and I was speak with the Agent. She was doing i don`t know what and i was able to see this.
      I was tell to the Agent that where i was put “Here must be the picture”, is missing the picture.

      She was left me alone. She was close the chat. I was connect again. Another Agent. Tell him again all the story.

      Later, I was connect with my FTP on my site and i was see that inside
      of public_html is missing the folder called “images”. I was understand
      that someone, was deleted all my pictures. Thats why the site shows
      just thumbnails pictures, and the 900 pixeli picture, not. So, I was
      go again to the 3ix live chat, and this time I was speak with “Eric”.
      She was restored my site i guess and everything was fine.

      But with the FTP i was go inside of this folder images. I was see that
      inside i have a new one, called
      I was tell this to Eric. Because never in my life i was uploaded this
      folder in my site. It was not mine!!! Someone was put this inside of
      my public_html. Maybe, the same person was changed my database 2 weeks
      ago. I don`t know. Because I don`t understand how this thinks are

      Eric was deleted this folder and she was see that the folder from
      public_htrml, called “images” haves chmod 777 permission activate. And
      she was explain me that I don`t need to make this folder writable!
      Eric was change the permission to 0755 for images and thumbnails
      directory. Maybe this is the way used by the “strange person” to put
      inside of this folder, another one called

      On this afternoon (18.09.2009) I connect myself in to admin. and on General Info i was read this:

      So, if the Image Directory is not writable, i`m not able to upload any images. If I make 777, someone is try to.. hack me? i guess that City Banck Of
      America is a Bank, no? What was doind this “site” inside of my site?
      And who was make my site “Forbidden You don’t have permission to
      access / on this server”. ???

      Finaly, today 19.09.2009, after one year, 3ix was reset my account losing all my work. I was begining install again the Pixelpost. But after some minutes i was see this:

      I was connect again to ask if they can give me the word, that if i will instal again all, i will not loose again everithing.

      And this is what was happening: Is a copy – paste from the chat:

      All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

      Chat InformationYou are now connected.

      24×7Live: Welcome to 3iX live chat, my name is James, please hold for a moment, I am reviewing your question.

      24×7Live: Welcome to 3iX live chat, my name is Susan, please hold for a moment, I am reviewing your question.

      zambrean: hello

      zambrean: i read on internet that 3ix is

      zambrean: 3ix is the worst hosting company I ever used. They kept disconnecting my sites because of ‘high server load’ and they did nothing to isolate the cause. They just kept on suspending my account, and when I asked about their explanation, they just said ‘your site is causing high server load’. I asked them to fix and apparently, after a week of series of chat support to them, they can’t fix their own freaking server.

      zambrean: is that true?

      24×7Live: Ok

      24×7Live: We are terminating your hosting account from server

      24×7Live: You can host it elsewhere


      Nothing more.

      What to do? PLease.. i need help!!!

      And some long time ago, i was send this email to 3ix:

      I would like to know what is the space that has. Is it
      150GigaBytes or 18GB?

      I know that 150000 megabites = 18750MB = 18 GigaBytes. 1 Byte= 8 bites.

      Is that correct?

      Because I was buying 150 GigaBytes not 18 GigaBytes!

      And they are tell me that are forget to give me 150 GB. This after 6 mounts of using my host.

    • zambrean September 18, 2009 at 4:01 pm

      I receive this, on this morning after I was ask for my money:


      You have violated the acceptable use policy and it costs two hours of admin time to find the cause why server behaviour was incorrect and to get it back to normal so that it didn’t affect other clients on the shared server.

      The total cost for admin time involved for two hours is $120 . So please let us know how would you like to pay for it .

      Once you have paid we will refund the remaining amount for your account .

      Please feel free to contact us back in case of any other information.

    • Rai September 22, 2009 at 9:32 am

      3ix is such a scam. Has someone already taken steps for class action suit? I will be glad to join.

      May this blog serve as a warning to all potential victims of Don’t let these scammers take our money and get away with it.

    • Joseph Stott September 23, 2009 at 11:40 pm

      so funny zambrean. love to know what you actually did.

    • zambrean September 28, 2009 at 7:22 am

      what do you mean?
      zambrean´s last blog ..Leaving Portomarin.. My ComLuv Profile

    • Joseph Stott September 29, 2009 at 8:33 pm

      How did you crash/overload their systems?

    • ucuz hosting March 27, 2010 at 11:23 am

      the cheapest web hosting. 10 dollars / year.

    • bamboosam June 4, 2010 at 4:38 pm

      I am having almost the same story, here is mine:

      my site on 3ix always had problems, but it did not pissed me off until last week when the things gone really bad. all the emails send out from my server were not delivered. there is no error message showing, so I never notice until my customers start to complain they are not receive any notifications. Instead of taking a lengthy of time to tell them fix the problem, I decided to cancel the service this time and get my money back, because I just renew the plan for 20 days, so I assume that it will be an easy operation to deduct the usage of 20 days, then refund the rest.(I have been with lunagepages and bluehost, never had any issues with them when I decided to stop the service and get refund.) but it was totally opposite of what I thought, they refuse to refund the money by saying that my case is not in the 30 days money back guarantee. actually I never think to get the money back for the reason of 30 days money back guarantee, even though I only used my renew plan for 20 days. Being fair, I think all the renew plan should be covered by the 30 days money back guarantee. and to be a good seller , you should always have a refund policy in case your service went wrong,so client have the freedom of choice to choose others. but for 3ix , it seems they don’t really care about customer satisfaction at all, what the want is money. and most ridiculous thing is even without refund the money, they still close down my service without my confirmation. what an action of robberies!! so now I had lost my server and also lost my money.

      I hope my story could prevent other people fall in to the trap of 3ix again.
      they are cheap, same as their services.

    • Mar August 12, 2010 at 6:07 pm

      Is it just me or is it that I hardly have any violent objection against 3iX? Well I know that they’re cheap, so I don’t expect much, maybe that’s why I’m content. Content is the word right?

      I’ve had experienced various hosting providers and I must say that 3iX isn’t anywhere near the top of the list, but I’ve tolerated enough to last 3years with them, and, may I add, still going on.

      Rai, I believe with your requirements, 3iX wasn’t the best of choices, and in a way it’s fortunate that you share your bad experiences with the web so that anyone with expectedly high traffic websites will want to avoid utilising 3iX. But for moms and pops websites, I think they’re value for $$$. ; )

    • mai February 27, 2011 at 10:23 am

      i hate cebu pacific..i just bought my ticket lastnight and i failed to get to airport because of an accident. and now i found out that they wont even refund my money. this is shit!!!! cebu pacific sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 3ix Scam: Looking for Feedbacks | PinoyTux Weblog February 27, 2011 at 10:56 pm

      [...] my post about 3iX scamming me of my money and actually got away with it? There had been a lot of comments about that post. The sad thing about it is 3iX is still in the [...]

    • Steve March 6, 2011 at 4:53 pm

      @zambrian — sounds as if your website was hijacked by a phishing website. How they hijacked it isnt known, though a place this cheap probably doesn’t have too good security — still, if you have permission 777 on a directory that allows anyone to upload anything, if the provider permits anonymous ftp.

      Probably some phishing or warez site has hijacked your space, causing excessively high bandwidth usage; the hosting provider has blocked your account due to the illegal hosting activity.

      Where the hosting provider failed is that they have not bothered to investigate if you are a victim or not; they have simply assumed that it is your site therefore you are guilty, and are not interested in listening to any arguments. I suppose this is the difference between a hosting provider who charge $1/mo and one who charges $10/month…

    • Patrick March 25, 2011 at 5:03 pm

      I am currently hosted with them and right after the 30 days was up I started having problems with my site and still having problems they suspended my databases due to too much load, I have a site that is database driven and when they are down nothing works.

      It is a little hard to get a good page rank with google when your page will not display!!!

      I am very POed at the whole situation I am a programmer with over 10 years of experience and I have never seen anything like this. I write all my own scripts and they work on my home server just fine. I told them if they just want people that get no traffic they can call themselves a hosting company but for those of us that need and get the traffic, use a different hosting company.

      Thanks for the info on 1&1 hosting I am going to check them out and will likely move my site there.
      Thanks all

    • cnxsoft December 8, 2011 at 5:17 pm

      I’ve been with them for 4 years. Now I’m starting to get “Forbidden access” nearly everyday, so i have to submit a ticket and after a while they restore the site. I suppose they must have a script that automatically stop websites that (the script thinks) overload their servers. Now my traffic is down, since I enabled cloudflare, but I keep having those issues (with a WordPress blog).

      The funny thing is that their server is still overloaded once my 2 websites are done, something like 8 to 20 CPU load on a 4 CPU system.

    • Jax April 25, 2012 at 5:16 pm

      Same story:

      CHarles: Hi. I am unable to connect to the tech support area so I came here instead. I am having an issue with my domain

      CHarles: It is saying access forbidden

      Live-Chat: For more tech issue you can contact our technicians to assist you directly with the Technical support department by emailing to

      CHarles: Could you please fix this ASAP

      Live-Chat: I’m a Sales department I can’t solve this problem

      Live-Chat: For more tech issue you can contact our technicians to assist you directly with the Technical support department by emailing to

      CHarles: You dont understand. It is costing me a $3,5 million deal.

      CHarles: I need this in 27mins time. ASAP

      Live-Chat: I said you must to email your issue to

      Live-Chat: I can’t fix this issue for you

      CHarles: I will be forced to take legal action against you if you cannot assist because you promised to have 99% uptime, and chat support when I need it

      CHarles: Please reconsider or contact whoever you need to contact to attend to this.

      Live-Chat: If you still asking me here it would not be working or better

      CHarles: What is your name?

      CHarles: You are available for sales but not support??!!

      Live-Chat: Please kindly understand that the only one way you can sort this out you have to write your problem to our Technical support

      Live-Chat: Did you check our hosting plans details?

      CHarles: Again. I kindly advise you to reconsider. There is much at stake here. What is your name?

      Live-Chat: For the hosting Excite plan would be able to contact by an email only

      CHarles: That was not the case when I purchased the plan

      CHarles: I did not agree to those T&C unfortunately

      Live-Chat: Technical Support by Ticket Only

      Live-Chat: So you have to following the condition we provide

      Live-Chat: If you wish to contact via Live chat you better upgrade your hosting account

      CHarles: Listen

      CHarles: I am telling you I have a multi million dollar deal pending

      CHarles: I conference in a few minutes

      Live-Chat: What you have to do is writing your issue to

      CHarles: I need my site working, and you are concerned about upgrading my account

      Live-Chat: Do you understand this ?

      CHarles: Do you realise how unproffessional that sounds?

      CHarles: Do you realise the consequences of your actions?

      Live-Chat: I’m not concern about you to upgrade your account

      CHarles: For the last time, I oath, I will take legal action.

      Live-Chat: This is the rule

      Live-Chat: You have to admit and follow it

      CHarles: Very well sir/madam. Have it your way. Just so you know, your terms of service are over 10 yrs old.

      CHarles: When I signed up, I had chat support

      Live-Chat: If you want to take any action you would write your problem to our Manager directly

      CHarles: you might have changed that, but did not ammend your TS

      CHarles: You are legally liable

      Live-Chat: I can’t make any decision in this case

      Live-Chat: Please go to write your issue to our

      CHarles: If I my deal fails because of your negligence, and lack of support as advised when agreeing to sign you on. I will sue you and the company.

      CHarles: Good day.

      Live-Chat: and any complaint you would write it into the email

      Live-Chat: Sue me?

      Live-Chat: What did I have done?

      CHarles: Yes. You are a representative of the company at this stage.

      Live-Chat: I’ve asked you to contact our technician via email ticket

      Live-Chat: And you should to understand that this is our rule and condition

      CHarles: Be careful of your works young man/lady. Dont lose your job over something this small.

      CHarles: A new rule.

      Live-Chat: I can’t change or do anything

      CHarles: if I had an “upgraded” account, you implied that you could.

      Live-Chat: You are the one you can request about this by an email to us only

      Live-Chat: Do you understand English?

      Live-Chat: You can let it be what it is

      CHarles: Please continue.

      Live-Chat: I just advise you the way you could contact them instantly

      CHarles: and also remember that your chat is logged.

      Live-Chat: I do know well

      Live-Chat: But the person who is not understanding person I do need to explain

      CHarles: You question my english, yet your grammar is questionable. I will not resort to this treatment.

      Live-Chat: And the best solution to fix it you have to write your issue by an email

      Live-Chat: I’ve explained and advised you

      Live-Chat: but you refused them

      Live-Chat: So that’s why I said that

      CHarles: I have been using 3ix for quite some time now. I have always used chat support.

      Live-Chat: If you are such a understanding person you would not be asking here

      CHarles: Today I could not and went to you instead to direct my concern.

      Live-Chat: Yes but now it has been changed

      CHarles: *changed

      Live-Chat: so you would admit

      Live-Chat: if you don’t wish to continue the service

      CHarles: You cannot just change Terms of Service

      Live-Chat: you would email us the account cancellation

      CHarles: You continue to provide the previous services as aggreed, and only the new terms to new sign ups

      Live-Chat: I’m not the one who changes this term

      CHarles: That is the legality of things.

      CHarles: This is why you are liable.

      CHarles: I will not waste my time anymore.

      Live-Chat: You must to realize and follow the information I’ve told you

      CHarles: You will be hearing from my lawyer.

      CHarles: Good day to you.

    • rodeime May 10, 2012 at 8:26 pm

      Agreed. 3ix are the worst. Hours and hours of my life I will never get back trying to fix the same problems over and over.

    • funkruti July 18, 2012 at 4:44 pm

      3ix sucks man really ..i paid for 2 years and no refund…. :(

      but i will surely kick their a$$es in this 2 years ………….

    • Chambawambaba August 26, 2012 at 4:21 pm

      Please do a Google search on your prefered host before purchasing. 1and1 is also notorious for providing horrible services.

      Also just cancel your purchase from them, call your credit card company and tell them what happend. I believe you can get a chargeback if you did it sooner.

      Lots of assh*les are in this industry believing they could get away with it, but let’s not forget there are also good and honest people who are passionate with their service, a google search will provide feedbacks. Good luck.

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