Cebu Pacific Airlines is Evil!

If you are planning to go somewhere that needs to be taken by air, please, please, please be kind to yourself and save your sanity. Avoid Cebu Pacific Airlines at all costs. Well, at least until they have fixed their stupid new system.

Yesterday, April 3rd, my boyfriend’s father was supposed to arrive here in Manila from a connecting flight from Wellington, New Zealand – Sydney, Australia – Hong Kong – Manila. Out of luck, one of his flights was delayed (can’t remember which one) creating a wave of missed flights to Manila. One of these flights is from Manila to Tacloban via Cebu Pacific.

His Cebu Pacific flight was supposed to leave at 350AM April 3rd since his estimated arrival from Hong Kong to Manila is at around 1AM of the same day. Because of the delay, he arrived at Manila at 10AM, April 3rd. The long delay caused him to miss his domestic flight and this is where it all started.

My boyfriend and I decided to rebook the domestic flight the day before. That means on April 2nd, we tried to contact Cebu Pacific by phone to rebook the flight. No one was answering the phone. My boyfriend went to Megamall to one of their ticketing offices so he could rebook the flight. When he arrived there, he said that there are a lot of people waiting in line to get their tickets. When he managed to get inside after an hour of waiting, the clerk told him that they cannot rebook so he has to go to Robinson’s Galleria. It was already late so we decided to drop by the ticketing office the next day (yesterday) so we can rebook the flight to the afternoon schedule which will leave at around 5PM.

On April 3rd, he fetched his dad from the airport and went to their cousin’s house. I tried to contact Cebu Pacific (again!) but to my surprise, Verizon picked up my call. This is Verizon Wireless. The number you are trying to reach is no longer available. WTF!???? Then left for Galleria and got there at around 11AM. I was really hoping we could get a new ticket because we have plans to go to Ocean Park on the same day. Unfortunately, their office was so full of people that no one can get inside anymore. So we are already thinking that this is all screwed up! Anyway, we got a number (we are customer number 468 and they are serving customer number 220). Hungry and tired, we decided to have lunch first and come back after. It was already around 1PM when we got back and surprise, surprise! They are serving customer number 232! After over an hour has passed and only 12 people was server. We got number 468 for crying out loud! Doing the math, we will be served after 20 hours assuming that everyone waited for their turn! It was F***ING crazy! Much to my annoyance, I slipped inside to see what is happening and saw that one of the customers is holding number 8xx!

What the hell is happening!???

Their stupid excuse is that they are using new system and they are still learning how to use it. Is that even an excuse? Their phone system is not working, their ticketing office is packed with angry customers and only 4 staff are attending to customers! Sounds like customer service at its best, huh?

We are so desperate to get a ticket so we decided to buy a new one and get the first one refunded. We went to Netopia and using their awful mouse and slow PC, bought a new ticket and voila! When we checked the confirmation email, the payment status is still pending which according to their new system, is not a valid e-ticket because they have not yet confirmed the payment. So we decided to go home and hope for the best.

At around 6PM, the ticket is still on pending status. Very annoyed, we went to Megamall to confirm the status. Very helpful they were, they said that they do not confirm payment status. So we were like “OH F**K! WE GOT SCREWED BY CEBU PACIFIC!”

So since we can’t do anything and they can’t do anything either, we went home, checked again for anything from Cebu Pacific, then there it was. At around 7PM, six freaking hours after the purchase, they have finally confirmed the payment and sent the real e-ticket.

This is my worst service experience from any airline company. They are so freaking smart they decided to roll out the new system during peak season and decided to change call center company during new system launch. They are so f***ing genius.

So here’s my message to Cebu Pacific: Learn from this experience and next time, do a better job of upgrading. And oh, I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

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148 Comments to “Cebu Pacific Airlines is Evil!”

  • beth hemminger March 10, 2011 at 11:57 am

    God! your article is very helpful to me!we just have the same situition going on….Cebu pacific sucks!

  • greg May 28, 2011 at 12:06 am

    Based on what i read, you are definitely a whiner! a person that loves to complain! “Netopia’s awful mouse and slow PC” hmm.. seems a kind of person that is not easy to get contented! wtf wtf wft.. why you chose budget airline in the first place if you are expecting that their staffs will treat you as their master and will ignore those more than 200 people in front of you after you ate your lunch in a peak season? FYI, there are many reasons why your booking not immediately got confirmed, usually bank to bank traffic. I love to see more stories of people like you, people that are trying to live in a world that is full of their impossible expectations.

  • Edfer June 13, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    It only shows that cebu paficic indeed is still the No.1 airline! kaya ang dameng tao bitter lang yan!!! paimportante!!! and hello!!! di ho biro magpobok, dame mong arte sa 5J kpa nagbook di dpat nag pal ka tanga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chuck marks October 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    E-mail I sent to cebu pacific customer service.
    I tried to schedule a flight a couple of hours ago from CDO to MNL for my wife and child. When I input the date on the main page of cebu pacific, the date changed on the next page. I did not catch the date change until I purchased the ticket and read the itenerary. I tryed to change it online, but it sayed I need to contact cebu pacific customer service. I tried to cancel on-line with no luck either. I tried to call several times and the recording did not comprehend when I pushed the number requested. I changed phones and used a ceullar to see if it would make a difference. I had same results every time, listen to the recording and push #3. I booked a flight with another airline and tried to cancel by phone again. I finally got thru on about my 7th try. I spoke with Mr. Noah Dallardo and explained what has happened. He said the web site was working fine there but I walked thru here two times here in the US with him on the phone and it changed my date
    from 2nov11 to 26nov11. There maybe a glich in the system I was so lucky to discover. Mr Dallardo told me there was no one there who can refund the full fare and I would have to request a refund by this e-mail. I have used cebu pacific many times in the past and have never had any problem. I ask that the full fare be refunded to my card and that you reply to my e-mail address.

    Reply from cebu pacific customer service was a bulk e-mail with the rules of the flight reservation and to inform me there is no refund at all. Thank you cebu pacific for taking my money ($100+ and many international phone attemts) for nothing but stress in return. thank you thank you thank you
    I will spend the rest of my life doing whatever I can legally to hurt this company over such a little thing like this which could have been easily taken care of.
    Charles Marks

  • john v dam October 15, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    I fly a lot and dont know how to discourage ANYONE in fact to take this airline if you could name it that way . Unfortunately the only positive thing i can say ( let me start with that :) is that when you are lucky : they fly ..!! :) . sofar the positive news .. and as far as I know never one crashed . So if thats enough for you …: try your luck :)
    For the rest : they are cowboys … I could leave it to that .. but let me explain : I was at Bangkok airport one time about one year ago, had my printed confirmed and booked ticket at hand but they said to me : your credit card payment did not arrive so you have to buy a new ticket for tomorrow. After a lot of discussion because i was flabbergasted of course, one of the ladies of CPA told me in private : “I understand you sir . Actually i never fly with CPA .. its terrible “.What can you do ?? just buy a new one .
    This was all one year ago . After this happening i send several decent emails to the ” contact “form at thir site : still have to get an answer ( one year later).the only thing that works at their site is the online payment .
    Now my recent experience : one week ago I flew from Europe to Manila ( by Royal dutch airlines) but that flight was cancelled the day before so i missed my connective flight from Manila to Dumaguete. ( yes , had again made a booking at CPA) ..The same day my flight from europm was cancelled, I tried of course to change the flight manila – dumaguete on their ” manage booking ” link at their site : Does it surprise you it did not work ??? :) whatever i tried and at whatever time : no function ..seems to be phoney. I wrote of course a letter to their ” contact ” link again …now its one week later: no answer . So instead of changing my flight I could buy a new one: how a cheap cowboy-line can turn-out to be expensive. The day I arrived at manila there came the other usual surprise : the disaster of their checking-in : although their are more yellow shirts as at ANy airline at the check-i counter they have an absolute world-record in waiting .. and chaotic handdling. The check-in counter more looks like a chaotic restaurant where one staff member does not know what the other is doing…count on 7/10 minutes for each passenger to check in : I have checked it at my watch .. so .. if 10 people are in front of you: reckon on more then one hour ..so indeed you are risking to miss your plane ..but they have a ” solution” for that : planes that go very soon and because of the restaurant-handling .. there is another of the many ladies holding a shield and walking around yelling that passengers for that flight can go first . Otherwise several planes would go without a number of passengers . I know its hard to believe but you can simply check it at terminal 3 second floor at Manila airport ..
    So dear readers .. : it is the way it is … cant make it more beautiful.
    The cowboy-airline is so lucky they have no real competition in the Philipines ( except the more expensive Philipine airlines) and philipine people dont like to complain apparently
    And last but not least : maybe the most alarming fact is that on just have to google the words ” complaints” and ” cebu ” and its all about Cebu pacific airline instead of about the city . Do i need to say more?
    and : dont say its because its a third world country because they have the same aircrafts and the same equipment ( computers etc etc) as all airlines have .
    Its just the “human factor”, no competition and a small bunch of cowboys filling their pockets instead of really organizing this company .

  • hans October 16, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Sad to say, but i had simmilar expiriences the last years! most i hate, that i can not use my (fully valid) international creditcard; which i still not understand why? i ask them many time, but never got a reply mail from cp…
    “the customer is the king” is not appling here..

  • teray November 1, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    My flatmate (we live in Hong Kong) flight was delayed for 12 hours. She stayed there at the airport whole time because no one would tell her how long the delay would be. CPA doesn’t have staff in HOng Kong, they hire concessions staff. They gave out HKD20 for a meal, the nearest fastfood resto is about 10 minute walk and cheapest is about HKD65

    I booked a flight to Manila with my partner and I used my credit card (partner do not have Visa/MC). Partner has last minute work thing to do so he can’t make it. I cancelled his flight, a week in advance, got 37% refund which you will not get in CASH, instead it will be credited to your CPA account (which you will be forced to sign in if you do not have any), they call it TRAVEL FUND this is according to the Customer Service from the Philippines, yes I have to call overseas because HK telephone number and staff are useless. You have to use this Travel Fund within 90 days, otherwise say goodbye to your 37% refund.

    Now here is the ridiculous part, partner is going to Manila, I told him, use CPA I will book him thru my CPA account so I can use my Travel Fund. So I did book him and when it got to the part that I want to use the Travel Fund, I was told that I need to pay HKD600 for change of name (I think it means because the booking is not under my name I should be penalize). How much is the original refund? HKD529.00

  • teray November 1, 2011 at 3:40 pm



  • krishna November 20, 2011 at 11:59 am

    One of the worst check in experiences i ve ever had in my extensive travels. The staff in manila treat us n other passengers as cheats n theaves carrying extra baggage. The way they talk n their body language is so brash. While we ve been carrying one had bag in addition to a laptop bag (mine was less than three kgs) I was forced to pay for and check in my another bag small under their new rule that passengers can only care one bag including a laptop (that rule was only for us I think). They act like mafia and threated us that we can not fly if we dont pay in next 5 mins. I ve never had a more awful expwrience in dealing with human beings. It is almost inhuman and so uncivilised. All under the pretext of cheap flying. I am embarassed, disgusted and ashamed that I have to deal with such people and the fact that such evil companies can still grow and be sucessful i cant fathom how anyone in the service industry behave like this and get away with such behaviour. I think the least we can do is stand up for our rights and speak up at least. We guys deserve better than this. Just because they r cheap themselves they treat their clients as cheap people. I am sorry to say this and I am sorry that such companies exist in our times.

  • john November 25, 2011 at 11:36 am

    worst airline company!!!! AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!!! unless you don’t mind arriving a day late then by all means take cebu pacific!

    even their air freight cargo ‘service’ is evil…..1st time i’ve heard of air cargo within the philippines on a short 1:30minute flight – can take more than 1 week to arrive airport to airport!

    this company and it’s people are pure @ssholes!!!

  • dimple December 6, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    I’ve used CPA for years, the only bad experience I had was when the flight got delayed from Singapore to Manila. It was like more than 1 hour of waiting, and the only reason was they were waiting for a certain passenger. I mean, is that even acceptable?
    Anyway, I would understand if they can’t give you the BEST Concierge-like service, they are a budget airline anyway. . .
    BTW, my husband and I booked a ticket online from Cebu Pacific as well. I’m optimistic that we won’t experience anything terrible like what some of you had experienced.
    God speed CEBU PACIFIC. There is always room for improvement.

  • shimz manaois December 21, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    hi guys. i am writing a letter of complaint to dotc and dti or even the office of the president and congress regarding CPA’s inefficiencies and abusive regulations. i also had similar terrible episodes with cebu pacific and the latest one happened yesterday when my flight to the province was cancelled and they can’t rebook me within december because they said all flights are booked in december. they have also this regulation that booked or purchased tickets are non-refundable. i hope you guys can also provide me with at least your email addresses because more voices are better than one. i hope concerned authorities will look into this.


  • david portman January 3, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    Cebu Pacific will not accept my visa from the 2nd largest bank in Canada!
    I had booked and paid in cash for a ticket for my wife.When I got the ticket her name was
    miss speled.They would not change the tcket,I had to buy a new one.I never got a refund.
    Cebu air has been taking lessons from the Mafia!

  • SOPHIA January 9, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    Oh Gosh!!! Terrible experience about CEBU Pacific….!!!!! They must learn about their STUPID policy in TICKET REFUND…
    I booked the ticket for the daughter(elementary student) of my korean boss, then suddenly they got some problem in Korean so they did not come here and i cancelled the ticket for refund. They asked the “original passport and 2 valid I.Ds of each passenger, then we called to Korean to send the original passport (imagine huh, sending the original passport is so much hassle) then we got it. Then we went to Ticketing Office in Galleria to claim the refund and with the requirements that they told us for refund, hoping that we could finish the transaction on that day.,..but GOSH!!!! They are asking again for another documents from Korea!!!!!
    Holy S***…!!!!! Before we go to the Office, we assured that all of our requirements are valid and complete….!!!!! And again<<<<<<!!!!!!!
    Wow,,,, what kind of policy they have!!!! STUPID policy!!!!!

  • josa January 10, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    The worst thing that I encountered in this airline is when my flight was delayed, people along with me who patiently waited for our flight stared at me as if i were a superstar. What’s annoying is that most of the eyes darted on me were from men.

    I blushed. I think less beautiful people take CPA while Goddesses like me take PAL.

  • Kent_ignore January 12, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    One person here is dreaming… Goddess come on…. goddess beauty don’t fade let see your in a few years… any ways i been using Cebu Pacific for a long time and its just fine with me or may be im just lucky… good luck to you all…

  • Kent_ignore January 12, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    One person here is dreaming… Goddess come on…. goddess beauty don’t fade let see your’s in a few years… any ways i been using Cebu Pacific for a long time and its just fine with me or may be i’m just lucky… good luck to you all…

  • Kristin January 13, 2012 at 11:04 am

    to those of you who had bad experiences with Cebu Pacific, may I request that you upload your feedback onto their facebook page, as it will no doubt reached a wider audience and warn the rest of the world against using them if they have a choice.

    this airline had screwed me around and I dont think there is any resolution in sight, how can 2 representatives from the same airline give out contradicting information? one told me that they will refund my tickets back to my credit card, and in good faith I believed her and went ahead to pay for other travel arrangements, only to call back and be told by another that it is a refund is impossible! In some countries this is consider a criminal act by means our fraud and it can be reported to the police, is it the same case in the Philippines? I had so far not been able to get any response from the airline, and attempts to speak to someone in charge such as a manager had been to no avail. If this is another airline, I am confident a manager would have already reach out to me and try and resolve the issue…I had never felt so victimised before….also lodge a complain with the Civil Aeronautics Board – quite sure this is not going to produce any result as well….so for all of you who are frustrated with the airline, flood their facebook, we need to be heard. And if anyone of you are considering suing the airline, maybe we can look at a class suit – mental distress is a serious by product of the stress Cebu Pacific put us through

  • ronald January 27, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    I did a rant on Cepac in 2009. Check this link: http://calbayogevents.blogspot.com/2009/08/cebu-pacific-sucks.html

  • admin January 27, 2012 at 2:17 pm


    Booking flights from a budget airline does not mean they can treat everyone like shit and get away with it. We are not demanding royal treatment from Cebu Pac. If there are rules and regulations and the customers were informed beforehand of such regulations, then we would have accepted it that way. And besides, we are *paying* customers. We are not beggars, so we definitely have the right to be choosers.

  • admin January 27, 2012 at 2:26 pm


    It’s not like I can choose a flight number.

    Now that you mention it, next time I fly CebuPac, I’ll ask them not to put me in any 5J flight.

    Oh, wait, they said I can’t choose my flight number, because they said each flight has their assigned flight number. What a dumb airline! I want my flight number to be 888JJJAAJSMXSJHA&!^@*!@^($!12J and they’re sayingI can’t do that! F**K THEM!

    Which leads me to this question: How come you seem to know what 5J means? Do you work for CebuPac? Better pray CebuPac doesn’t follow suit with what PAL did to their employees.

  • Krishna January 27, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Honestly, dealing with cebu pacific changed my whole perception about philippines. As to how soft, polite, less cunning and nice the people are. My perception is far more balanced now. I am amazed at how consistant they are at providing awful service.The problem is that, for some reason, filipino clients are in generaly too tolerant and do not like to confront. Such companies can only survive in an environment like this. With the values that they have (as manifested in reality), they should have long been out of business and may be inside a jail or a rehab centre for showing such apathy towards customers and having such cunning policies.

  • wayne donahue February 10, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    Don’t fly this airline! you could arrive dead…or not at all!
    The most screwed up bunch of cock-suckers ever!
    Its just a matter of time before someone goes postal!
    Stay away & avoid getting cough in cross-fire!

  • Bam February 22, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Just waiting for someone to file a complaint against this worst airline.

  • Marc February 26, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Cebu Pacific is not only the most incompetent Airline in the World they are also the BIGGEST Assholes in the Sky. Me and my girlfriend have booked flights Manila to Cebu and Back and none was without problems. Their latest Jokes is that they let you sign waiver form for the baggage. When you check in a Hardcase they say its coz its a Hardcase and when you check in a Softcase its because its a Softcase. When flying from Manila to Cebu I told them I am not gonna sign it as I bought my regualr 15kg package and they need to take the responsibility to handle it properly. They did not want to met me check in so I made big noise. They came up with many excuses and wanted to send me away but I insisted, so finally they came up with the ridiculous story that they need to load it manually instead of automatically. The same happened on the way back at Cebu Airport so I again told them I am nit gonna sign it. This time they did not react but countered that I have to pay overweight as I have 16kg, which was not true so I insisted not to sign it and this time they told me the Hardcases can get easy scratches so I need to sign the release form. I shouted and made big noise until they tag my bag with the unsigned release tag. I insisted on the real tag but they continuously refused so I unfortunately took it as it is. When I reached in Manila I pick my bag and they wrote Inproperly packed and fragile. The bag was packed very properly in a Hardcase, but this way they refused again to take responsibility on proper baggage handling. They are simply Assholes and this airline has to be grounded

  • CHERRY February 28, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    @chuck: hats off to you sir!! I will also definitely do EVERYTHING LEGALLY POSSIBLE to get back at this company. This is the third time they screwed me over. I always wanted to believe that it was always the system that got stuck but I thought someone should somehow FIX this especially if all it ever does is create INCONVENIENCE for its PAYING PASSENGERS.

  • Udine February 29, 2012 at 1:29 pm
  • meri March 10, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Yes, Cebu Pacific s… !
    I heard a lot of complains about them that’s why I avoided buying ticket from them.
    I always make sure I travel thru PAL..
    Not really that big difference in the amount but at least.. less hassle…

  • Paul Fuller March 12, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    These stories are typical of almost any service in the Philippines. All systems are slow and usually under staffed except in departments stores where they have 4 or 5 people behind the counter to check that no one is stealing. Banking queues are unbelievable and the “take a number” system is so antiquated. This is why the Philippines is a third world country and will remain so for the foresseable future. Thieving, lieing and cheating is the norm here. They claim they want to make this a tourist destination! The only tourists they will attract here are those wanting to pick up a GRO for a few nights of sex! How sad!

  • rolio March 15, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    i just booked my return flight march 18 2012 and then i double checked it to make it sure!, then when i got the itenarary reciept the date changed to march 19. then less5 min. i called thier hotline and they want to charged me of changing date/booking fee about 2,400 pesos that it wasnt my fault, thier system online WEBISTE sucks. CEBU FUCKCIFIC EVERYONE LIES!

  • groupon April 20, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    I have so far so good with their service and no delay on my trips.

  • bella chau April 21, 2012 at 10:53 pm


  • ams April 25, 2012 at 9:06 am

    yup..kung hnd lang tlg dhl sa promo hnd aq sasakay ng cebu pac..nakakainis..hnd maganda ang service lalo na pg nagpapa rebook..

  • Steve PC May 11, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    CPA – they look like a budget airline but given the delays, screwed up payments – going through the whole online booking and payment system only get chucked out and have to start again. God knows how many hours I have spent on the phone trying to amend my itinerary. If your time is worth anything to you dont waste it on these guys. Flying to Hong Kong getting turned around (above Hong Kong) and flown back to Manila due to bad weather (while all other airlines are landing) then standing in a line at their counter for three hours while being told nothing, then finally told “you can fly back to Hong Kong tomorrow night at about 10 PM – no refund” Never again!

  • paul mercado May 13, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    cebu pacific air sucks!!! It’s now time you don’t fly cebu pacific!!!

    Poor Customer Service. Check
    Poor quality service of in flight crew. Check
    Poor Ground staff assistance. Check

    Kaya kayo namumura eh, tama lang yan sa inyo!

    Please cebu pacific air, you should have your employees train well. OR change the management!!! your management sucks!!!!

  • Lambchop May 16, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Worst airline ever.

    In fact I’m sitting at their terminal now waiting to board a flight that was supposed to leave at 9pm. It was cancelled this am, so I booked the 10pm. Upon check-in I was told my flight was delayed for another hour.

    And the lady said “please stay ay the waiting area”. I was so pissed I wanted to say “DUH” where else am I supposed to go???”

    I cannot stand this airline. Unfortunately I’m forced to use their service since the company has a exclusive deal with them.

    Lance Gokongwei, do something about your service!

  • Toinx June 27, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Been with CebuPac for quite a number of flights, so far so good!…must have been lucky not to experience some of you guys went through. . .i’ll still fly with Cebu Pac though. . . :)

  • Toinx June 27, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    i had flown with CebuPac for quite a number of flights, so far so good!…must have been lucky not to experience some of you guys went through. . .i’ll still fly with Cebu Pac though. . .

  • Carl Kuntze July 4, 2012 at 10:42 am

    On May 26, 2012, I was denied boarding a flight to Singapore on the flimsy excuse my US passport had a validity of less than six months. Their sales office should have been aware of this because my travel agent had made a prior request before purchasing my ticket. I think it is corporate policty to victimize vuonerable passengers, who pressed for time had to leave. Despite insincere smiles, I had three ticket agents and a counter supervisor “assisting” me. What they really wanted to do was award my seat to another passenger in a heavily triafficed often overbooked destination. The international counter supervisor then ‘generously’ offered me a flight to Bangkok, presumably because they were more flexible about travel documents. I notice the airfare was only slightly lower than PAL. I didn’t see why I should pay full fare for a budget airline with minimal service, and facilities which would compare with steerage in turn of the 19th and 20th passenger ships. I should have examined reviews on the web, which overwhelmingly criticize their service and business practices.

  • Ben July 18, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Cebu Pathetic is one of the worst I have ever flown. Not only are their ground staff rude to clients but they make no effort to tell their clients prior to flight (in my case) that they were cancelling the flight. The day time manager woman at the check in desk in Manila is a RUDE BITCH and deserves every bit she gets from client. I was so annoyed I told her to GET FUCKED. I never have said that to a lady before!

  • Emz August 13, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Cebu Pacific (CEBU/MACTAN) Ground Crew should know what is the the check-in baggage limitations, they have to be strict in implementing these rules. It happens to us. We were in a group web check-in. As what I understand WEB check-in is faster than the normal check-in. Avoiding the hassle of queuing up. But it resulted to the same way. In Singapore it so much better faster and so efficient web check-in. Our check-in paid baggage is total 45kg for 3 pax, but our baggage is total 47kg. As what I understand from the Ground Crew they have the allowable excess limit of 0.5kg in every 15kg of paid baggage for 1pax. So for 3 pax doing MATH we have a total of 1.5kg excess limit, then we should take out the 0.5kg ONLYfrom the check-in baggage. But the Ground Crew INSISTED to take out the 2kg excess baggage. It doesnt make sense, because we have seen a lot of passensengers exceeding the paid baggage allowance most are 15.5kg or more. My friend queuing up at the other counter is 16.5kg. They don’t experience the same treatment as we did. That was the MOST FRUSTRATING, UNBELIEVABLE experience we had for Cebu Pacific Ground Crew. And you cannot WIN the argument since their level of intelligence and understanding are so poor. When my husband is trying to explain in a very diplomatic and logical way, they still refused to understand. If they have implemented the STRICT compliance of the check-in baggage limitations then each and every passenger should follow – they SHOULD NOT tolerate most of the passenseger has an excess baggage from 0.5kg to 2KG, CEBU PACIFIC GROUND CREW SHOULD HAVE COMMON UNDERSTANDING AND SHOULD BE FAIR TO EVERYBODY.

    I am calling the head of the operations/customer service assigned in CEBU-MACTAN Airport to stress this issue to their Ground Crew. I am not the only one who has the same experience on this. They SHOULD implement the STRICT COMPLIANCE on the check-in baggage. If your GROUND CREW has no common understanding, this will create argument and provoke the passenger’s reasoning.

  • James September 3, 2012 at 11:40 am

    To EDFER and GREG the fucking ASSHOLES!!!!!
    dumb fucks, self centered son of a bitch just don’t get the meaning of apathy……….

  • feonama September 20, 2012 at 9:41 am

    I agree, the worst airline ever!!! So please spare yourselves and do not fly with them…I am saying this true to my experience. My trip to cebu was cancelled 8 hours before departure to hongkong and had to connect to my international flight to canada. Instead of saving money, I paid way more to rebook with another airline, if I knoew this way before I would book with the more reliable airline.

  • Jane October 14, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Worlds worst airline!
    I have to change my Mother and Aunts tickets due to a medical emergency, tried the website under manage booking, all I got was a copy of their itinerary, unable to change the booking online I tried to call the Hong Kong office to find out their operating hours, no reply not even an answering machine! I then tried to find out on their website all I got was the office address.
    Decided to try ‘contact us’ by email, at least I got a reply but it didn’t help as they said they were looking into my ‘incident’ and please give them 7 working days to sort it out! It’s an emergency! 7 working days is after they need to be back!

    How stupid can they be? It’s a business! Surely they want the custom! If they don’t give out the details people are not going to use their company.

    WAKE UP Cebu Pacific look at people’s complaints and do something about it!!!!!

  • Alex kusuno November 30, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Cebu Pacific has by far the worst service ever. Not only do they have double if not multiple standards, the ones who are in charge are completely useless. A few months back we made a group booking, but CPA randomly and without my consent, changed one my friends flight schedule. That made my friend miss his flight. That was strike one. Strike two happened a few days ago. Again, we bought tickets as a group, Beijing- Manila, Manila-Beijing. Originally we were 5 people traveling together but only 4 flew from Beijing to Manila. At the check-in counter in Beijing, they let us use all our baggage allowance that we bought, even if the baggage allowance was under the name of the one who wasn’t able to fly with the group. However, from Manila to Beijing, they had a different set of rules. Out of the original 5 members of the group only 2 were flying back. We had 45kg to split between the 2 of us. We went to the airport thinking the same rules would apply since they are under one company. But no, it was foolish of us to think that one company would have one set of rules. We got to the airport and they would not accept our luggage. They then asked for the record of our checked-in baggage, since they could not locate it in their system. we gave it to them, and yet they couldnt find the needed proof that they accepted all our luggage previously. What was even more frustrating was that they later on acknowledged that they knew about the double standards their company had. And according to them, “they have been trying to fix this problem for a long time”. They wanted us then to write a letter of complaint. That was the solution they could give us. A letter. I asked the person at the counter to find us a proper solution, one that could actually benefit the customer. They tried to reason that it’s stated on the ticket that if the passenger is not present, they also forfeit their baggage allowance. My companion then read the terms and conditions on the ticket. That so called policy didn’t even exist. The ground staff just kept on apologizing. “Oo nga po. Pasensya na lang po” they kept saying. We told them that “pasensya na lang” is not an acceptable solution. They tried to talk it out with their manager. It took them 20-30 mins. They still came back with the “letter of complaint” solution. I told them to go back and give us a solution that would solve our baggage dilemma. We were running out of time, so eventually we decided to leave one luggage at the counter, they said they would take care of it even getting the contact number and name of the one who would get my bag. This was on a Tuesday. Thursday, my parents went to pick up my luggage and checked it in, as they were also flying to Beijing. Strike three. I opened my luggage and to my surprise I found clothes, underwear, swimsuits, boots and toiletries of other people. It was my bag alright. But the contents of my bag belonged to other people. What was surprising was that my padlock was even there. There was NO sign that my bag had been tampered with. Scary. They could’ve planted drugs and what not. they said that they would take care of it. I didn’t know that that’s what it actually meant. That’s class A service right there!

  • I HATE CEBU PACIFIC February 12, 2013 at 3:03 pm


  • Rai March 13, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    If you feel offended with the complaints in this blog, you do not have to post a comment at all. Para lang may masabi ka lang. You are one of the reasons why huge companies take advantage of the middle class people. Kapag sinabi ba nila na tuwad, tuwad agad? Complaints exist so these powerful corporations do not take advantage of us middle class citizens.

    You said have no problems with Cebu Pac so far? How many flights have you taken with them? Out of those flights, how many have been delayed or cancelled?

    Ano ang mas tanga? Ang nagsasalita at naglalabas ng saloobin sa mga kaduda-dudang pangyayari, o ang hindi nakakapansin na siya ay ninanakawan na?

  • Akira April 5, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Last 29-March-2013, I came from HK to a flight to Clark, Pampanga, PH via Cebu Pacific Flight 5J149. Left HK at 0945 29Mar’13 and arrived at Clark 1135 29Mar’13. Upon arrival, i am among the firsts to come out from the plane. Went straight to the immigration and after stamping of my passport, i headed straight to the luggage collection area. To my dismay, my luggage was missing. I approached the lady guard and asked for help, they search thru the system and made a couple of emails/phone calls. But as per HK personnel, my luggage was loaded in the plane. It’s more than 2weeks now and no trace of my luggage has been found. This is one of the most unacceptable incident that had happened to me.

    It is therefore prayed that an investigation be made especially in Cebu Pacific Clark, PH. All the personnel sucks…

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