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Philippines: 20% are Firefox 2 Users

Firefox 3 had a successful launch, even breaking Guinness World Records for most software downloaded in 24 hours. But not all people have opted to replace their existing Firefox 2 installation for various reasons. According to Mozilla Blog, 20% of users in the Philippines are still on Firefox 2, along with other countries like Indonesia, Columbia and India.

There could be a few reasons why users are reluctant to switch to Firefox 3. One is the compatibility of the plugins they need. Not all plugins are updated and compatible with the latest version, and users in this category must be feeling that they need to upgrade but cannot, at least not until the new version of their plugin is available for FF3.

Hardware compatibility must also play a role in this which are common for any new software released. Users must have downloaded, tried and then removed FF3 because of its effects to the computer’s performance. Although FF3 promises smaller memory footprint, users who feel that the performance is the same with FF2, if not better, they are more likely to roll back to previous version.

Another issue here is users, especially non-techie ones, would rather stick to one that is “working just fine”. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or those who can’t download Firefox 3 because fast internet connection is not available. Even user permissions play a role in restricting users in upgrading their browsers.

For some, the inevitable question still remains: Why should we upgrade to Firefox 3?

Despite hundreds of websites that have listed FF3′s features that are better compared to its predecessor, users are still having second thoughts about downloading and installing one. Some websites, TG Daily for example, have published FF3′s popular features. If you are looking for a beefy browser but still unsure why you should switch, a quick read on their posts should help you decide.

Whatever the reason is, Firefox 3 is continuously being developed and updated so users can have safer and faster browsing. I encourage users to try and switch to Firefox 3 and hopefully this time, you Firefox 3 will stay in your computer for good. I also encourage other Filipino bloggers to join in spreading the word about Firefox 3.


Google Chrome: Fresh Take on Browser

The Battle of the Browsers will revive again as the new contender joins in. If you think that we have enough Internet browsers as it is, think again. Google is not going to let Mozilla and Microsoft take all the glory for themselves.

Google Chrome is ready to be released from Google’s arsenal of fast apps on September 2, 2008. This new browser from Google is designed to be fast, simple and clean, just like the Google Homepage. The philosophy behind the development of this new browser is to make things clean and simple, take away all the unnecessary stuff and let the user do the important stuff like browsing, chatting and sending emails. Google Chrome gets out of the way so you can surf the Internet or write those emails. Most of the components in Chrome is from Mozilla Firefox and Apple Webkit, but will remain open-source, and participation from community to help build this new browser is encouraged.

From Chrome’s official blog:

Under the hood, we were able to build the foundation of a browser that runs today’s complex web applications much better. By keeping each tab in an isolated “sandbox”, we were able to prevent one tab from crashing another and provide improved protection from rogue sites. We improved speed and responsiveness across the board. We also built a more powerful JavaScript engine, V8, to power the next generation of web applications that aren’t even possible in today’s browsers.

Google also takes the road less traveled in introducing their new app – this time they have used comics in introducing their new open-source browser. Not very typical way of introducing a new app but indeed very unique. The comics about Google Chrome can be found here.

For now, Google Chrome is available only for Windows but time will only tell when there is going to be a version for Linux, which I am willing to wait patiently. As for the number of choices that we have for browsers, all I can say is we can’t have too many browsers. Tell that to web developers as they have another browser to test their sites on. :D

Author’s Note:

I will update this post once the browser is released. I will also include the link to the download site as well.

Download Google Chome for Windows XP/Vista here.


Tip: Can Download Torrents But Cannot Browse

I have recently purchased a new home office router that connects two desktops and one laptop by wireless connection. Back at the store, I made my mind to purchase Linksys WRT54G over D-Link (I forgot the model) because there are a lot of good feedbacks on Linksys.

Everything was good the first two weeks we were using the router. The signal strength is good and my laptop can get decent W-Fi signal anywhere inside. Then the network became rather choppy, pings are intermittent, and worst, one desktop (particularly my desktop PC) cannot browse.

The weird thing I was able to download stuff using torrent, my Pidgin can sign in to my accounts on Yahoo and MSN Messenger and streaming video and music works. Everything works, except for the browser. I blamed the Linksys for this and contacted the support thrice, and I was given a lot of configurations that should be done in the router settings, none of which solved my problem.

Googling around got me some help and apparently, this weird symptoms are caused by the traffic from torrent downloads. To fix this, these settings must be done on the torrent client:

1. Reduce the download and upload speed of torrent client. Since I use the lightweight uTorrent Client, I can simply do this by right-clicking the uTorrent taskbar and selecting the download speed that I want. The procedure could be different depending on your client.

2. Disable DHT. DHT stands for Distributed Hash Tables and disabling this in torrent client effectively solved my problem with browsing. Again in uTorrent, this can be done by pressing CTRL+P to open the Preferences window and selecting the BitTorrent tab. Uncheck the DHT selections and click OK to save the new settings. Restarting the client helps too.

I did these two steps and this solved the issue of not being able to browse the Internet while downloading torrents.


Browser Comparison

Image from


Firefox Final Beta Review

I am a loyal Firefox fan and a loyal user for years and so I have seen how Firefox grew and improved. Mozilla does a great job of developing Firefox to the point where it is even with MS counterpart Internet Explorer, if not better, when it comes to usability, stability and performance.
read more

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