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Merry Christmas!

*This holiday cheer greeting image was made using GIMP, an open-source image manipulation program.


Ohnoes! My Christmas Wishlist!

Okay, for the first time in my life, I am going to create a list of what I want for Christmas. I have never created one, and I am not so very good at asking people for anything either. When someone asks me what I want for Christmas, I always tell them “kahit ano” (means “anything” in English). Here goes my list what I want to see in my Christmas stocking:

15. Harry Potter Book Set (Books 1-7)
14. Pancake House’s Spaghetti and Steak Recipe
13. Tabi socks
12. RHCE stuff (shirt, jacket, sticker, mug or whatever)
11. Someone who wants to do my laundry for a day
10. One freezer full of Nestle Yogurt Ice Cream (Strawberry, please!)
9. Starbucks Mug and Tumbler, one for each
8. One sack of kittie litter for my obnoxious cat who always pee on the door
7. Someone who wants to pay my water bill for December at his/her own expense (I forgot to pay my water bill #-o )
6. A penguin plush doll
5. Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden Manga Set (not necessarily translated to English)
4. A dinner date with an American boss from my workplace (no hints!) ;-)
3. One month pass in any Fitness First gym within Metro Manila
2. Nikon D60 camera, with or without extra accessories
1. Tickets for a one-week trip for 2 to any Disneyland Park

There you go. It’s not a very long list but it is what I conjure up for now. Maybe I’ll add more.

Merry Christmas!


Thanksgiving Day 2008

Today we celebrate the beginning of a colorful and festive season of gift-giving, and for the the majority of women, shopping. Thanksgiving Day is the one day in the year when we, humans, partake in the massacre of thousands of poor turkeys. Ooopps, I mean we partake in the celebration where we reminisce history.

With that said, let us not forget the true spirit of Thanksgiving, that we should be thankful for everything that we have, good or bad, and share all the blessings with others. We also should remember that this is the time in the year that we spend with our families and friends, and to put our Black Berry devices and/or office work aside to give more time for our family. Nothing beats a quality time with your child and spouse, believe me.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, may I also suggest that we stop the killing of thousands of turkeys on this day. President Bush has pardoned two turkeys this year, so that is a good start to stop the massacre of these poor birds. No wonder the birds look so sad on Thanksgiving.

Anyway, to give a perspective of how Thanksgiving begins, Governor Palin would like you to see how turkeys reach your tables.


Jeff Dunham and Achmed’s Jingle Bombs

Jeff Dunham has a Christmas special and once again, it is as funny as ever. Achmed sings how he celebrated Christmas in Iraq. You have to see it.


Geek’s Guide to Gift Giving

Christmas is getting near and giving gifts is an activity that is inevitable during the holiday seasons. One must go through the rite of passage by rushing to the mall and beating the holiday panic which includes annoying people, crying children and the Christmas traffic.

But since the thing called the Internet is already here, no need to leave your house. Or your chair for that matter. Christmas gifts ideas are one Google away but if you want a very unique geeky gift, vintage is the way to go.

Website The Collectors Weekly has the list of vintage computer equipment that you can get your little hands on. Most stuff are on eBay so you won’t have any problems ordering one.

One example: Remember how a computer looks like in 1980′s? Here’s to refresh your memory:

Casio PC 1980

This is a 1980 Casio Personal Computer FA-10 being sold at eBay. Great addition to your arsenal of geeky treasure.

I am planning of giving away 1.44 MB Floppy disks to friends. They are vintage, are they not?

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