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VIM Trick: How to Comment Multiple Lines

If you need to comment out lines of text inside VIM, you can try this trick:

(Enter command mode in VIM)

This will insert the # character at the beginning of each line starting from line number 40 to line number 105.

If you cannot see the line numbers, do this:

(Enter command mode in VIM)

:set number

To remove the lines:
:set nonumber

This is quite handy if you need to comment out lines of codes in a script.


10 Reasons Why Linux will Triumph over Windows

Please, everyone settle down. I am not starting a flame thread here but I would like you to read these ten reasons why Linux will stomp over Windows’s head. TechRepublic writes:

I have an announcement. The error of Microsoft’s ways is finally catching up and will cause the once-invincible juggernaut to kneel before that which is Linux. How is this? Microsoft started a tiny snowball when it released Windows Me. That snowball did nothing but gain momentum. There have been ups and downs along the way (XP being an up, for sure). But for the most part, the court of public opinion has steady lost faith in what once was considered the heart of personal computing.

If you don’t believe me, read on.

1. Inconsistent Windows releases

One of the things you can always count on from Microsoft is that you can’t count on its new operating systems to be reliable. Let’s take a look at the individual releases:

* Windows 95: Revolutionized personal computing.
* Windows 98: Attempted to improve on Windows 95; failed miserably.
* Windows Me: A joke, plain and simple.
* Windows NT: Attempted to bring enterprise-level seriousness to the operating system; would have succeeded had it not taken Steven Hawking-like intelligence to get it working.
* Windows XP: Brought life back to the failing Windows operating system. It hadn’t been since Windows 95 that the operating system was this simple.
* Windows Vista: See Windows Me.

With this in mind, what do we expect from Windows 7? Myself, not much.

2. Consistent Linux releases

Converse to number 1, you have the far more consistent releases of the various Linux distributions. Yes, there have been a few dips along the way (Fedora 9 being one of them). But for the most part, the climb for Linux has been steadily upward. Nearly every Linux distribution has improved with age. And this improvement isn’t limited to the kernel. Look at how desktops, end-user software, servers, security, admin tools, etc., have all improved over time. Once could easily argue that KDE 4 is an example of a sharp decrease in improvement. However, if you look at how quickly KDE 4 has improved from 4.0 to 4.3 you can see nothing but gains. This holds true with applications and systems across the board with Linux.

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Fedora 9 Set to Launch in May 13

After Fedora 8, not long after there comes Fedora 9. Yes, you read it right. Fedora 9 is nearing its final completion as the developers of Red Hat variant distribution released the Fedora 9 Preview last April 17.
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How *nix Distros Got Their Names?

Author Rai    Category Linux     Tags , , , ,

With so many *nix distributions that are available today, so many interesting names are tied to different Linux flavors. But have you ever wondered why they were named as such?
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Linux Tip: Reset Root Password

How to reset root password?

If you are as forgetful as I am, you have probably forgotten what password you have set for root user. Today, I am going to teach you a little tip on how to reset the root password.
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