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Veto Deodorant – Classic Filipino Commercial (1970′s)

Here is one of the classic Filipino commercials I found on my Facebook wall. May underarm odor si Fe! Veto Deodorant with AS-7.


Cool Ubuntu-Filipino Wallpapers

I got a few wallpapers made for Ubuntu desktops that are Filipino-inspired while I was Googling for something to blog over the weekend. Luckily, I found more than enough to compile a collection of these Filipino-made wallpapers.

Wallpapers were contributed by members of


Madonna Decena: Filipino Pride in UK

Madonna Decena is another Filipino with hopes of making it big in her own way in a foreign land. And now is her chance as she sings her way into the hit TV show in UK, Britain’s Got Talent.

I found Madonna Decena’s story in while I was dropping entrecard and I was truly touched by her story. Madonna is a 32-year old club singer in UK who left her two girls in Philippines and tries to earn enough money to provide a better life for them. And now is her break as she won the hearts of judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan when she sang Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You and made it to the next round.
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Rex Navarrete’s Hella Pinoy

If you are looking for some funny stuff to watch, you have to watch Rex Navarrete’s Hella Pinoy over at
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12 Downtime

In the process of transferring to a better hosting company, the site may not be available due to name server changes and new webhost.

Thank you for visiting :)

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