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Success in Online Games

Playing games are not just for kids only. Now that we are living in the Information Technology age, everyone can participate in any type of online activity. Pre-schoolers can open a website and play learning games that are approved by parents and are deemed safe for kids. Of course, mommies and daddies are there to help guide the youngster in using the computer keyboard and mouse. Popular TV programs also have their official websites that offer Flash-based games for their loyal viewers. My nieces and nephews know how to fire up a browser and open their favorite kiddie website to play the games or do the learning activities.

Adults can also appear as kids and join an online game like the very popular “Massively multiplayer online role-playing games”. I myself is a big fan of MMORPG’s and honestly, they are very addictive. Some games are free, some are not, and believe me, games that are so-called “Pay-to-Play” will burn holes in your pockets. The popular business model for MMORPG’s today is the Free-to-Play games but Premium Items are available to those who are willing to shell out their real money. Players can still enjoy the game without buying the premium items but those who do buy have higher chance of being ahead of the game. Real money is also involved not just for buying items but also for selling in-game items. I know people who play the game, make their characters stronger, and then sell it to those who are willing to pay. It is sort of like becoming a business for players.

Another type of game that becoming a big success with its online version are casinos. Online casino games such as Black Jack and the Texas Hold em Poker are so popular nowadays. People who want to play high-end casino games do not have to go to hotels, they can play poker online in the privacy of their homes. All they need is a credit card to be able to enter a game and start the dice rolling. So many sites are offering these games but a player must be smart in choosing the right website and must know how to identify that the casino site offers a safe and secure transaction for players. One typical way to check a website is to make sure that it uses Secure SSL connection when processing credit card transactions. The site must also pass third-party PCI-DSS scans to make sure that they comply with the industry standards. When these are met, players can be assured that they are using a website that ensure their safety and privacy.

Other virtual games are also making their way into the cyberspace like playing chess with the “Chess Grandmaster”, flight simulators and even life-simulators are getting popular. But I think all types of games are now accessible using a browser. Just name the game, Google it, and viola. You got yourself an online version of your favorite game. But for me, I still miss those that I play with my friends like skip rope and tag. We play even if the sun is high up in the sky and by the time we get tired of playing, we already have sunburns. Nothing beats those kinds of games that are actually “played”, not just “virtually played”.


Diablo III Teaser

Argh.. I cannot wait for Diablo III! Anyway, to scratch the itch, here is the cinematic trailer of Diablo III.

Can Diablo 3 run in Linux under Wine?


Hacking Tips for $40 Wii Remote

Nintendo Wii is a spectacular gaming console that revolutionized how console gaming works by using remote controllers, giving the players more variety than the ordinary controls. And many technology buffs like to research and experiment different other uses with the Wii Remote, other than as a game controller.

Researcher Johnny Lee takes a $40 Wii Remote and cheap hardware, and turns it to a digital whiteboard and a 3D viewer eye-glasses, among other things. That is how flexible the Wii Remote is.

Watch this video as Johnny demonstrates the Wii Hacks:


The great thing about the Wii remote lies in its design. The motion sensors inside each Wii remote (or Wiimote) makes it flexible for other uses other than just being a game controller. As a game controller, it can be a golf club or a bowling glove and makes a game more interactive and puts more ‘real action rather than pressing buttons. Put in a modified hardware, which is available from any hobby or electronic shop, slap in some free software and you got yourself a whole new gadget.

One thing I can think of as another use for the Wiimote is how you can use it as navigation system for visually impaired people. Since the Wiimote uses motion sensors, it can be modified to use as a simple navigation system and alerts the user for possible road obstacles like passing cars. I tried searching if there are any available documents on the net about this, but nothing came up yet. Maybe I ought to contact Johnny Lee about my idea.


Diablo 3 Coming Soon

Blizzard has finally unleashed the sequel to ever popular PC game, and my favorite not to mention, Diablo 3. Unveiled at the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational, Blizzard has also announced the official website of the new game. Here are some of the screenshots of the much anticipated Diablo 3 (credits goes to Blizzard for the images):

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Best Linux Games

Who said that Linux sucks when it comes to games? That is another urban myth that de-myth-ified (is that even a word?) as they feature the top 25 Linux games of all times.
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