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Vista vs Mac vs Linux on Latest Trends

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Enjoy this movie on yet again another Vista vs Mac vs Linux comparison. Enjoy ;)


MacBook Air Commercial Parody

Are you still eyeing that wonderful MacBook Air and asking yourself if you should buy it? Still convincing your spouse that you need MacBook Air instead of a conventional notebook?

Then this video might help you with your decision making:

MacBook Air: Why the hell not?


PC vs Mac Commercials

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Here are some of the Mac commercials I found on Youtube worth viewing. Some commercials are downright funny definitely worth your time. The commercial I like most is when PC goes to surgery for an upgrade. I just can’t help to have the same feeling whenever I upgrade Windows OS to a newer version. :-\

Enjoy! ;)


If Computers Were Human…


Thanks to


iPhone Stumped Carrie Bradshaw

I just watched Sex and the City – The Movie in the theater with a couple of girlfriends and boy, it was great! It was worth every penny and I’m glad I decided to watch in on the big screen rather than waiting for Netflix to release it.

(What you are about to read may contain spoilers. You have been warned.)

What really amused me while watching it is there was a scene in the movie when Samantha (played by Kim Catrall) hands her phone to Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker). When Carrie saw the phone, which is actually an iPhone because of its so familiar screen and shiny black case, she said, “I don’t know how to use this.”.

Carrie does not know how to use the iPhone! But then again, if you are not interested in high-tech gadgets like Carrie, you wouldn’t want to get near an iPhone. Carrie wants a simple, no-nonsense gadgets and I just noticed that she dislikes anything that was produced by Apple Computers.

There was an episode where Aidan gave Carrie a MacBook as a replacement for her black laptop and she hated it. Now she was handed an iPhone and she doesn’t want it. What’s with Macs and Carrie?

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