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Microsoft Might Layoff H-1B Visa Holders First has an article that states that Microsoft might give priority to American employees rather than those who are working on visas.

The H-1B visa allows non-Americans to work in the U.S for a limited time, and now that Microsoft was told that it has “moral obligations”, it might come to a point where visa-holders may have higher chances of getting laid off. Although visa holders and U.S. citizens are required by law to be treated equally, the “moral obligations” part might be considered in the selection process.

Those who were unfortunate to be included in the layoff process will have to leave the country if no other job opportunity is present, according to H-1B visa law. However, the visa can be converted to a visitor’s visa, as long as the holder can provide proof that they have sufficient funds to continue their stay. Those who returned to their countries may come back to the U.S. under H-1B visa if a job opportunity is present and the visa is still valid.


Windows 7 Features Preview

Windows 7 is getting quite a lot of stirs nowadays. But I am a bit skeptical how Windows 7 is going to be any different from its predecessor Windows Vista. What I want to know is its security features and features that are usable for IT administrators. Actually, when it comes to Windows, I am still biased on its security features. My rule of the thumb for Windows OS’es is “wait for SP2 before buying and installing”. I am still using Windows XP in my computer at home but my Ubuntu still kicks XP’s butt, IMO. But that’s just me.

Anyway, maybe this video will help you get excited for Windows 7.


Tip: How Change Default OS in Dual Boot Ubuntu

My Acer 5570 Notebook is setup to dual boot Windows XP, for my online games and other Windows applications, and Kubuntu 7.10, my main operating system for stuff that I do most of the time like web browsing and blogging. Then my brother and I are now sharing the same notebook and he prefers Windows over Linux, not that I refuse to introduce him to Ubuntu but he had to use Microsoft Office for his office documents.

Windows and Ubuntu dual-boot systems are set boot Ubuntu first by default, so I decided to change the dual-boot order to default to Windows, since my brother will be using the notebook more.

To make Windows the default operating system in dual boot Ubuntu, follow these steps:

1. Press Alt+F2 to open the run dialog box.
2. Type in sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst. Type in root password.
3. Edit the line that looks like this:

default 0

Change the number to the equivalent order of Windows in the operating system list in GRUB boot screen. The number 0 means that GRUB will boot the first operating system, and so on. If Windows is in the 4th line, change the number to 3.

4. Save the file and exit.
5. Reboot to check the change.

Windows should boot as default.


Hide Files Inside An Image File

Did you know that you can hide files inside an image file like jpeg? A simple image when opened or previewed looks like an innocent JPEG or any image file, but when uncompressed using any archiving software, it extracts files that were hidden from plain view.

However, in this video, Windows was used. I have yet to discover if this is possible in Linux.


Home Server: An Illustration


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