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Portable Mozilla Firefox

I just found out that Mozilla Firefox, the world’s favorite web browser, has a portable version that can be stored in a USB storage device.

portable-firefoxBring your bookmarks with you with Portable Firefox

Firefox is bundled with launcher, a free and open source platform you can use with any storage device like flash drives or iPod. So when you combine a portable app with Firefox, what you will get is a super fast and free browser that you can carry anywhere with you. And yes, it means you also have your bookmarks and extensions in your handy lil’ Portable Firefox. read more


Firefox 3 RC 1 Now Available!

Mozilla has released Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of the much awaited version 3 of Firefox, a very popular web browser. The Release Candidate version serves as a public preview of the soon to be final release of Firefox 3 and also as testing release for Open Source developers. This version is also for those who are not into software development but would like to contribute to Mozilla’s open source initiative by sending in comments and suggestions. (Hey, the more heads, the merrier!)

Mozilla developers also focus on what seems to be the most important aspect of softwares – performance. RC1 has shown improved performance on speed, memory footprint and reliability. New features has also been added, thanks to the open source community for letting the Firefox developers know what users *really* need. read more


60% of Photoshop Users are Pirates made a little study to see how many users use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and how many of those users bought a legal copy of the software. read more

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