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PinoyTux Visitors Reach 90k

It’s been quite a while since I updated my blog, life keeps getting in the way. It was only today that I noticed that my visits has already reached more than 90,000 visitors. It is not much for most professional bloggers and SEO specialists, but for me it’s a milestone. For a blog that rarely gets updated, it is a surprise to know that people even read my blog. :)


Jeff Han’s Multi-Touch Display Wall

If you have read about my previous post about Johnny Lee’s Wii Remote Hack (if you haven’t, go check it out), then this video is similar.

I have stumbled upon this Multi-Touch Display Wall, the brainchild of NYU Consultant Jeff Han, and it is interesting to see that this innovation is already out in the market.

Remember Minority Report?


New Airport Body Scanners Can See Intimates

Technology has indeed evolved into something bigger and more sophisticated. One example is the newest airport scanner installed in 10 biggest airports in United States, which can see everything underneath the clothing. This newest piece of technology scanning machine can see right through the clothes, intimate body parts and everything.

According to, these body scanning machines can detect even the sweat underneath clothes. Unlike ordinary body scanning machines, this one can see plastic and creamic materials that can be used as weapons but undetectable by ordinary scanners.
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Nitinol: Alloy Than Can Remember Its Original Form

There is one wicked metal alloy than can be deformed or bent in any way possible way but has the ability to return to its original form once the load is removed.

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Top Ten Terrible Tech Products

There are few gadgets emerging every now and then, some has changed the history of technology, some well, got stuck in the bottom of the barrel. I found a nice article in that describes the top ten terrible tech products according to their reviews and I find the article interesting. Here is a breakdown of their list:

  • Windows Vista. CNET describes Windows Vista as the worst tech product for its incompatibility with hardware and downgrade-to-previous-version option. I think hardware manufacturers will definitely release hardware drivers for Vista sometime in the future but I am not really into “sacrifice your precious RAM for squiggly app windows” person.
  • Sony Rootkit CDs. Sony has apparently released a software with a purpose of protection against piracy programmed into their audio cds. The bad thing, according to CNET, is after you load their software, it will leave your computer vulnerable to hackers over the internet. I am personally not aware of this. This is bad for Sony who has been around providing us with breakthroughs in technology. If you have a personal experience with this root-kit CD, share it here.
  • Amstrad E-m@iler Telephone. This is an equipment that allows you to send emails using your phone and I have seen a product similar to this but I have not used or tried it. This product might have been an ass-kicker had not it arrived so late. During its release, computers and internet are common so spending a huge sum of money for something that does what your computer can do plus more is a total waste.
  • Atari Jaguar. In 1993, Atari released Jaguar meant to rival Sega and Nintendo consoles. But software has been diffcult to write for the Jaguar console, according to CNET, and because of this, less titles came around and meant death to Jaguar. This is the last console that Atari released.
  • Apple Puck Mouse. CNET writes that this mouse was difficult to use because of its round interface, however, it is the first mouse to use the USB to connect to the PC. I think it looks cute though.
  • Tamagotchi. I doubt nobody remembers what Tamagotchi is. This is the coolest toy ever! No matter what CNET says about this toy, I lo-o-o-o-ve it!
  • Gizmondo. CNET describes Gizmondo as a hand-gaming console with rubbish games. Looks like Gizmondo never left UK to spread its wings is US and Asia.
  • The Squircle. The Squircle is an MP3 player that uses an SD card for storage because it does not have internal memory to begin with, writes CNET. But I think its cute and the name is unique.
  • Barcode Battler. CNET describes Barcode Battler as a hand-held game device that uses barcodes for your games. Don’t ask me, I don’t get it either.
  • Sinclair C5. An battery-operated tricycle running at 15mph “just twice the speed of one of those electric mobility scooters for old people”, CNET says. Aside from being expensive, the seat-to-pedal distance was unchangeable, there were no gears and it overheated going up hills.

If you think there is something out there that is considered a terrible tech product, share it here.

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