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Barack Obama Inauguration: Watch Live Streaming Video

For those who want to watch the live streaming broadcast of Barack Obama’s Inauguration, I have added an embedded video for my readers. Take part in this historical event and watch how United States of America takes a different direction as the 44th and First African-American President begins changing the country, hopefully for the good.


DIY: Make A USB Smoke Absorbing Ashtray

If you like smoking while working or using your laptop, then you ought to know that second hand smoke is dangerous to your health. I am not here to discuss the effects of smoking to our bodies but to share this video on how to reduce the smoke from cigarettes.

This is a simple how-to to create a simple yet effective way to reduce smoke from cigarettes. The ashtray is pluggable into a USB port so you can place it near your computer while it filters the smoke and turns it to a clean air. Enjoy the video :)

The voice was a bit sleepy but nevertheless, it is great to know that this kind of ashtray can be done in a few simple steps. :">


Elevator Psychology

This post is too random to be in this blog but is funny anyway. Since I am too busy revamping PinoyTux’s new appearance, I give this funny video to you. The video is about how people react to peer pressure, specifically inside an elevator and the people in the video are hilarious! Just watch and I am sure that you will agree.

I hope I get to make you smile just even a bit. ;;)


When Album Covers Attack

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This is an incredible video I found on the Internet. It is called:

When Album Covers Attack

Enjoy ;)


Madonna Decena: Filipino Pride in UK

Madonna Decena is another Filipino with hopes of making it big in her own way in a foreign land. And now is her chance as she sings her way into the hit TV show in UK, Britain’s Got Talent.

I found Madonna Decena’s story in while I was dropping entrecard and I was truly touched by her story. Madonna is a 32-year old club singer in UK who left her two girls in Philippines and tries to earn enough money to provide a better life for them. And now is her break as she won the hearts of judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan when she sang Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You and made it to the next round.
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