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3ix Scam: Looking for Feedbacks

Remember my post how 3iX scammed me of my money and actually got away with it? There had been a lot of comments about that post. The sad thing about it is 3iX is still in the business. Yep, they are still doing business scams.

How you ask? Well, it works like this:

You subscribe to their super duper cheap hosting service (as low as $1/mo). You type in your credit card number or paypal account and they charge you for a whole year of subscription. Then you start using their web hosting service, and so happy that you got an excellent deal.

Or so you thought.

Less than a year after you signed up, your website is now down, and the cpanel is inaccessible. You email them about your website and you get no response. So you go to their website and hit the chat button, which connects you to their “technical support representative”. With their less than below average English skill, they tell you that you have violated their “terms of service”. Of course, you ask them how in the world it happened when you only have a plain wordpress website with less than 10 readers per month? You wait for their answer, and they disconnect the chat.

Thinking that your internet line is crappy, you connect again to their chat support, engage with a technical representative who talks the same, spells the same, but with a different name. You tell them again your problem and they tell you again that you have violated their terms of service. Again, you ask why. And they tell you that you have a script on your site that brings their servers down, affecting other users.

Then you ask for logs and other evidences that prove their findings. They tell you they don’t have it. You ask why, they tell you their backup servers went down yesterday and they are still recovering the files. You ask them to bring your site back online until they can present a proof that your website (among probably thousands of other websites hosted on the same server) is the one bringing the server down. They tell you they can’t. Because they already deleted all your files and those files are in the backup server that went down yesterday.

Frustrated, you tell them that they suck and you will file a lawsuit against them. They say OK, and disconnects the chat. Two days later, you get an email from the 3iX guy that you need to pay them $150 for engaging a technical representative into troubleshooting your website, which caused the server to go berserk (did I mention that there are probably thousands of sites in that server, and he randomly picked you?).

Yes, this happens over and over and over again. And he is still in the business.

Are you one of those customers who paid 3iX for webhosting service? I would like to know your experience with them.

Are you one of those who got ripped off and is in the process of filing a class action suit against 3ix? I am interested!


PinoyTux Contest Winners

I am very sorry for the very late announcement of winners. I have been reallly, realllllyyyy busy these past few days and to top it all off, my DSL at home is disconnected (don’t ask why though).

Anyway, let me give you the list of winners of the PinoyTux contest. Please note that the winners are picked randomly based on their numbers of entries during the contest.

500 Entrecard Credits Winners (convertible to $5 PayPal money):

bunny (12 entries)
kris (2 entries)

$5 PayPal Money Winners:

clair (10 entries)
patrick (19 points)

First Prize Winner of 3iX Webhosting Account:

b_ng (23 points)

And as an added bonus, I am giving 200 EC credits to those who joined the contest but did not win the top three prizes. That is my way of saying thank you for joining the contest! I will send confirmation emails to the winners so please wait for your prizes after confirming.

Congratulations to all winners!


3ix is Not A Cheap Hosting Provider

Remember my post about transferring my site to 3ix? It was the biggest mistake I ever made with respect to my blog. I remember bragging to my blogger friends how they provide chat support and how cheap their services are. But now I take back all those things I have bragged about because with 3ix, you get what you paid for – cheap hosting. read more


Review: Concentric Web Hosting

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company for your company website or personal blog, you might have Googled your way into the jungle of online companies selling web hosting and domain registrations. There are so many providers to choose from and so many options are being offered, you ought to take note of every company you find and jot down their shared web site hosting options because not all web hosting companies are the same. But the real question here is, how do you separate the bad apples from the good ones?
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Review: Top 10 Web Hosting

At first there were only a few web hosting companies offering “e” services to the public, then came another one, and another one, and before we know it, we have more web hosting companies than we could ever imagine! Who could have thought that almost anyone can sell (or resell) web spaces for dirt cheap prices?
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