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PinoyTux Visitors Reach 90k

It’s been quite a while since I updated my blog, life keeps getting in the way. It was only today that I noticed that my visits has already reached more than 90,000 visitors. It is not much for most professional bloggers and SEO specialists, but for me it’s a milestone. For a blog that rarely gets updated, it is a surprise to know that people even read my blog. :)


WordPress 2.5.1 is Available

WordPress 2.5.1 is now available for download which contains performance enhancement, bug fixes and security vulnerability patches.

According to the WordPress Blog, you can choose to either perform a full upgrade or download only the corrected copies of files which includes wp-includes/pluggable.php, wp-admin/includes/media.php, and wp-admin/media.php.
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PinoyTux Spreads Some CommentLuv

If you haven’t noticed yet, there are some significant changes in PinoyTux over the weekend. The first one is I decided to become a member of Entrecard community. Entrecard is an online community of bloggers and site owners who share common interest and promote their web sites through “card dropping”.
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PinoyTux Site Downtime

Some of you might notice that for the last few hours, the site is blank. Meaning, you can literally build your own blog in my site.
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PinoyTux Update

Ok, my recent attempt to transfer my blog to another webhosting company obviously failed resulting to 24-48 hours downtime. The reason? I was unable to transfer the contents of my blog to the new host. Their server keeps timing out while I was importing my WP files, which includes posts, comments and categories. My blog is relatively small so I don’t see any reason for it not to import. Then thinking of doing the transfer manually, I copied the contents of my web directory followed by dumping my WP database manually in phpMyAdmin. Guess what? phpMyAdmin timed out while I was importing my dump file.

Deciding not to waste any more time, I switched back my NS servers. If only the new host allows me to setup my site even without using the FQDN,  I can minimize the downtime. This kinda sucks but beggars can’t complain. The new web host also is banner-less, free hosting. This makes me think of hosting my site to an new paid web host.

I already have a paid webhosting company in mind who charges $1/mo for web hosting but if you have any other web hosting companies you would like to recommend, just let me know.

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